• Black Ops 2 Fanpage!

    Black Ops 2 Fanpage is up! Like it for Black Ops 2 updates, news and even some FREE pre-order giveaways!   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2/173773132743518
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  • quem me der uma conta com heke vos pago so me inviar vossa conta netptowd e vos pago o que quiserem

    quem me der uma conta com heke vos pago so me inviar vossa conta netptowd e vos pago o que quiserem  
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  • Error in multiplayer

    Why can not I play multiplayer !? comes this error.  
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  • Clan

    Hey guys, im 15 years old and i need a clan .-. Can i join one of you guys? Thank you:) (PS3)
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  • Cannot connect to online services PC Modern Warfare Three

    I bought the game Steam version of "Modern Warfare 3" yesterday to play with friends. Upon trying to connect to any online content the message "connecting to online services..." appears. After some time a window con...
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  • What is "panic" knifing?

    I always figured "panic knifing" was when you see a guy that was out of knife range but you press knife anyway, you panic and you hit knife. But ive seen people say panic knifing is what i would call quick reactions l...
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  • MW3 Siguen baneando o ya no. Lean abajo

    Hello,     Well look. I would like to know if this game followed by banning or not. Because I see many hackers. And another thing. I had entered ue had Xp Lobby lobby. Take a flag and gave me 60,000 at the...
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  • question of the elites

    sorry for the English-use Google translator .A Do we get the elite titles.
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    Hey guys. Me and my buddies made a MW3 clan a couple weeks ago called FuNcTiOn. We are laid-back, fun, and competitive group of gamers. We currently have 10 members, but are looking to recruit new people to have fun! ...
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  • Perfect gun

    Does anyone know a easy way to find the best gun that suits you. i am more of a player who gos in for kills tell me if you need more info.
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  • MW3 Kill Montage

    Call Of Duty MW3 Montage - Riot - Three Days Grace - YouTube
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  • mw3??

    hey leute ich hab mal ne frage an euch ich kann auf meiner ps3 nicht mehr mw3,mw2 oder ghost spielen es steht immer da listenabruf und dess dauert so lange an was kann das liegen bitte gibt mir infos danke
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    my only chance was call of duty Elite to upload my small clips onto youtube and now that elite is gone what can i do? how else to i upload my mw3 clips to youtube? HELP?!
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  • Collections

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a great game, much much MUCH better than Ghosts. But you know what I miss? The Modern Warfare series. MW1 and 2 are some of the best CoDs out there, but its hard to play them when I o...
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  • Looking for a clan on PS3

    Someone PLEASE name a clan that i can join for Ps3. i don't want any mics and my psn is BeasterMcBeaster so please reply if you have a clan for me to join I will check for replies once or twice a day!
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  • hi

    is it me or does cod seem to becoming more n more hacked i haven't had many games the day where people making immpossible shots from other side of the map n being able to not get a single hit marker on them n yes lag ...
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  • new clans

    how who someone make a clan on this website, because a couple of my friends and myself started a new clan Called SMGR sniper montage gaming reloaded Can any one help
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  • MW3 is overrun with hackers 

    I've really given up ob MW3 and C.O.D titles because of all these hackers. I wish their playstations/xbox/pc would explode! It ain't fun no more. I still dont understand why they still allowed on the servers,im sure t...
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  • Création classe sur COD elite

    Sa fait 30 minutes que j'essaye de crée une classe sur le site Call Of Duty Elite, quelqu'un sait comment créé une classe ( arme principale, grenades, équipement... ) ?
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  • MW3 Infected Loadouts *Up To Date*

    I saw the Infected Loadout details page was outdated so decided to make a new accurate page.     Knife vs Striker SURVIVOR   Primary: Striker w/ Extended Mags Damage Proficency   Secondary...
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