• Recruiting for Advance Warfare: Clan will automatically migrate over to Advance Warfare app on 11/4/14. TwoLilJit is a Red tag Clan with all unlocks MAX LVL/XBOX 360 Only.16 and up must be mature and in the US.

    Recruiting for Advance Warfare: Clan will automatically migrate over to Advance Warfare app on 11/4/14. TwoLilJit is a Red tag Clan with all unlocks MAX LVL/XBOX 360 Only.16 and up must be mature and in the US.  ...
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  • how do i get to my custom classes

    how do i get to my custom classes 
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  • Favorite Gold Guns??

    Which are the best looking gold guns to you??? I like the look of the UMP45, G36C and the Scar gold
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  • Founder?

    I was just wondering if still there is a way to get the founder patche and background on ghosts. Because I can't find a founder elite code and I do not want to buy a mw3 digital hardened edition. Anyone got a spare co...
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  • Will A Refund Petition Work

    I do believe that the new COD Advance Warfare is not as original as they are saying it is with all these new great ways to fight, jumping high in the air, boosting fast to the left/right, invisible suit, endless ammo,...
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  • Need an editor? Here is the right place for you then !

    I Do edits you only have to contact me on Skype :  Motionz_edits
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  • Mw3 clan

    Looking for a mw3 clan !
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  • Mexico? foros? juegos? clan?

    Eh estado conectado en este foro por algunos dias, y la verdad no encuentro NADA en español, o encuestas o opiniones o clanes en español y muchomeno mexicanos, quisiera ver y buscar gente que es de mexico y ...
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  • (Xbox 360) Need clan members (Tryhard Clan for MW3 and Black ops 2)

    Who want to join my tryhard clan ? You have to talk english in my clan ! You may also speak dutch !   My xbox name is Xite Viper And my Skype name is ryanhercules01 If you want to join send a message to mij ...
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  • Clan Recruting

    Hey Guys I am starting a Small clan for 5 Guys any class Sniper,SMG,Assault,LMG whatever Just send me a Friend request my PSN is my User so Yeah Oh and you have to have a mic! thx Guys and Stay frosty
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    Why there is mods in mw3, cause im seeing people hacked clan tags, ranks, guns, and in game mods, that taking all the fun away, i hate cheaters, they need to take all the mods away cuz because it well be another mw2. ...
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  • Want your mind blown?

    I just did this. Watch it and flip out.  
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  • WANTED:ppl with real combat traing/exp.

    im in search of ppl with real military/swat type training for C.O.D. MW3 and GHOSTS.NO bunny hoppers or solo run an gunners plz.i myself am not military or the like,however i have had extensive training in military ta...
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  • Needing an editor for the Fine Clan

    Someone who knows how to edit clips and make montages. Message Fine Sketch if you are interested in Editing for us. ( Xbox 360 )   Youtube: Fine Clan - YouTube
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  • MW3 tres décevant

    je voudrais juste poser une question au sujet de MW3. Pourquoi leurs serveurs sont si merdique et pourquoi y a t-il toujours un temps de retard en jeu, ça devient impossible à jouer. je suis franchement ...
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    Greetings all MW3 players.   Recently the MW3 site has been decimated by invisible cheaters ruining this game for EVERYONE.   People are asking: Where do they come from? How did they get this cheat glit...
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  • Venting

    I'm just coming on to vent about a few things that are really getting to me.      1. If I am on your team, and I stop in a corner and do a 360 around my surroundings, I am not planning on camping...
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    How do I set my Clan's clan tag, as my own? It is not giving me an option for setting it.
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    Yesterday i was in a lobby playing inf3cted i get 29999 xp for survivor 29999 xp for assist! idk the h0st hker or something. here
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  • COD: MW3 MAC

    Sooooooooo......   Those of us Mac only gamers now have MW3 (and 2) for Mac! Yay!   COD4 is so hacked (as well as nade spammed and sniper glitched) that it's hard to find a good game. BLACK OPS is great...
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