• Looking for people to join my clan.....

    If you want to be part of my clan just kik me @ Jonathannbny and we'll take it from there......
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  • looking for a clan to join [Xbox 360]

    I'm looking to join an Xbox 360 clan. I have a kill to death ratio of 1.15 and a win persentage of 51%. I play all game types, but i mainly play demolition and domination. My gamertag is NoHesatation.
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  • PS3 Clan Looking for Members! (Double Xp, Gold clan tag, clan title)

    Our clan name is "War Demons" & we are a level 11 clan   The clan offers: Double Xp Clan title Gold clan Tag Members that have a sense of humour   Clan requirements: No racism No cheating   Clan ...
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  • MW3 Ps3 Clan Need People To Join

    Msg illusion_Adzy To Join And TryOut And Stuff Yes The Clans Called illusion So Hurry And Msg Me Oh And Make The Subject Of The Meg Clan So I Know U Want To Join Ok Cya!
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  • Looking for competitive MW3 clan on PS3

    My PSN ID is LordZazu KDR All Time 1.20 TDM 1.30 (I hadn't played in years had to practice) Current weekly KDR: 1.90-2.00 I play daily for the most part. Favorite game mode is Team Deathmatch I'm trying to get ...
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  • Anyone want to join a clan? ps3

    Hey guys, I made a clan, and its called ReaP. If anyone wants to join, they are more than welcome to. email me if interested: ReaPClanBusiness@gmail.com or reply to this. IF YOU ARE GONNA JOIN. GONNA NEED TO CREATE A ...
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  • Looking for clan to play with (PS3)

    hey everyone, tired of flying solo so I'm looking to join a clan.  I'm very team oriented, and I'll play any game mode. My KD is 1.80 (I know some clans have some requirements) and I have a win loss of 1.14 (most...
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  • New clan

    First im sending our website, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. Twitter: Knightz eSports (@KnightZeSports) | Twitter Website: http://knightzteam.clanwebsite.com/ YouTube: No video's yet but Knightz Team - YouTube Ple...
    KsI Temper
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  • recherche clan

    bonjour je suis nouveau sur mw3  je joue sur ps3  je recherche un clan  mon speudo dagolitus
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  • Wanting to join a clan

    Hey, Im new to the forums on here so if this isnt in the right place my bad. Im looking to join a decent clan, i have a 1.06 or 1.6 kd i forget but im mostly a team player i dont worry about kd alot unless im playiing...
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  • Looking to join a clan (360)

    Hey I am looking to join a clan for the xbox 360 I own/play all of the Cod's (except blops 2 and 3) I am decent and I am also 15 with a working headset.. My gt is Odsy Gravity please message me if I can be in your cla...
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  • Xbox only Clan recruiting, Sniper Feeders, Trickshotters, and Knife Feeders (Must be age 14+)

    Rise To Honor (R2H) is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, Web and Graphic Designers, and Editors. We are a xbox one/360 clan. We play any/All Cods!  We'll be posting anything like montages and etc to the ...
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  • Call of duty MW3 xbox 360 CLAN

    If you want to be in a cod mw3 clan-   REPLY here on this list your XBOX GAMERTAG you NEED SKILL need to be aCOD ELITE member AND/OR premium membership NEED a HEADSET TRYOUTS WILL BE HELD ON NEVEMBER 16TH 2011, ...
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  • Call of duty clan ADG Gaming needing logo designer's

    If you are a logo designer please message me on ps4 or on my post my ps4 name is ADG_Equinox and gamerfreack80
    created by Mrbzzz13
  • If you need a clan (READ THIS)

    If you need a clan msg XGN Ember on xbox 360 to join CGN not XGN but CGN!!
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  • looking for a UMG 2v2 teamate

    MUST now what your doing and be good!!!!!!!!!!! message me my xbox one gt at DaUnix. Bo3
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    The brand new clan Organized_Threat [Ogt] is now accepting members! we are a fun clan and like to have a good time foremost, we are also very competitive. Ranging from try harding, trickshotting or trolling we do a li...
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  • How do i make a clan?...

    I want to make a clan on mw3 PC and dont know how, and i realy want to have them cool titles
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  • Call of Duty Elite Clan

    Looking for members to join my clan "U.S.  Navy Seals" on Elite. Anyone can join right now, because i just made it a few days ago. If you want to win every game, play with experienced players, and get Elite Title...
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  • how do you make a mw3 clan

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