• Search ps3 clan Mw3 German !

    Hello my name is chris. I search a GERMAN !! ps3 clan. I play on 1.2 k/d currently in domination and my PSN id is: sirhCehT please write a message.
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  • If you need a clan (READ THIS)

    If you need a clan msg XGN Ember on xbox 360 to join CGN not XGN but CGN!!
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  • Gaming Sponsor's

    If you want a discount on any products go to cinchgaming.com and use code LethalCK for a discount to get the discount it's in the cart go to the left of the overall price and were it says coupon or gift code put in my...
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  • RaZor/RaZe Alliance tryout's ps4 and xbox 360

    If you want to join a sniping team come to RaZor Alliance! we are new and only want to recruit the best of the best but if you feel you are not good and you have clips send them our way cause you can still be accepted...
    KsI Temper
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    anyone know how to winter and marine camo on ps3 mw3
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  • MW3 Ps3 Clan Need People To Join

    Msg illusion_Adzy To Join And TryOut And Stuff Yes The Clans Called illusion So Hurry And Msg Me Oh And Make The Subject Of The Meg Clan So I Know U Want To Join Ok Cya!
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  • PS3 Clan Looking for Members! (Double Xp, Gold clan tag, clan title)

    Our clan name is "War Demons" & we are a level 11 clan   The clan offers: Double Xp Clan title Gold clan Tag Members that have a sense of humour   Clan requirements: No racism No cheating   Clan ...
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  • Looking for people to join my clan.....

    If you want to be part of my clan just kik me @ Jonathannbny and we'll take it from there......
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  • looking for a clan to join [Xbox 360]

    I'm looking to join an Xbox 360 clan. I have a kill to death ratio of 1.15 and a win persentage of 51%. I play all game types, but i mainly play demolition and domination. My gamertag is NoHesatation.
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  • Looking for competitive MW3 clan on PS3

    My PSN ID is LordZazu KDR All Time 1.20 TDM 1.30 (I hadn't played in years had to practice) Current weekly KDR: 1.90-2.00 I play daily for the most part. Favorite game mode is Team Deathmatch I'm trying to get ...
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  • Anyone want to join a clan? ps3

    Hey guys, I made a clan, and its called ReaP. If anyone wants to join, they are more than welcome to. email me if interested: ReaPClanBusiness@gmail.com or reply to this. IF YOU ARE GONNA JOIN. GONNA NEED TO CREATE A ...
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  • Looking for clan to play with (PS3)

    hey everyone, tired of flying solo so I'm looking to join a clan.  I'm very team oriented, and I'll play any game mode. My KD is 1.80 (I know some clans have some requirements) and I have a win loss of 1.14 (most...
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  • New clan

    First im sending our website, Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube. Twitter: Knightz eSports (@KnightZeSports) | Twitter Website: http://knightzteam.clanwebsite.com/ YouTube: No video's yet but Knightz Team - YouTube Ple...
    KsI Temper
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  • recherche clan

    bonjour je suis nouveau sur mw3  je joue sur ps3  je recherche un clan  mon speudo dagolitus
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  • Wanting to join a clan

    Hey, Im new to the forums on here so if this isnt in the right place my bad. Im looking to join a decent clan, i have a 1.06 or 1.6 kd i forget but im mostly a team player i dont worry about kd alot unless im playiing...
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  • Looking to join a clan (360)

    Hey I am looking to join a clan for the xbox 360 I own/play all of the Cod's (except blops 2 and 3) I am decent and I am also 15 with a working headset.. My gt is Odsy Gravity please message me if I can be in your cla...
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  • Xbox only Clan recruiting, Sniper Feeders, Trickshotters, and Knife Feeders (Must be age 14+)

    Rise To Honor (R2H) is recruiting Snipers/Feeders, Trickshotters, Web and Graphic Designers, and Editors. We are a xbox one/360 clan. We play any/All Cods!  We'll be posting anything like montages and etc to the ...
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  • Call of duty MW3 xbox 360 CLAN

    If you want to be in a cod mw3 clan-   REPLY here on this list your XBOX GAMERTAG you NEED SKILL need to be aCOD ELITE member AND/OR premium membership NEED a HEADSET TRYOUTS WILL BE HELD ON NEVEMBER 16TH 2011, ...
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  • Call of duty clan ADG Gaming needing logo designer's

    If you are a logo designer please message me on ps4 or on my post my ps4 name is ADG_Equinox and gamerfreack80
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  • looking for a UMG 2v2 teamate

    MUST now what your doing and be good!!!!!!!!!!! message me my xbox one gt at DaUnix. Bo3
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