• I Need a quick-scoping clan

    I need a quickscoping clan.We will play regular.The best quickscopers  we will play very serious and trickshot and have clips alot I have youtube so if you capture it and send it to me I will post it and we will ...
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  • Ps4 Call Pf Duty Sniper/ Trickshotting Clan BiLe

    I have started a new clan on ps4 and I am looking for members, I am looking for people who are good snipers, and trickshotters, please message me if you are interested, or link me some of your shots and clips. Thanks...
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  • Busco clan en ps3 17 años

    Tengo 17 años soy prestigio 10 mi ratio en mw3 es 1.50 tengo microfono y ando buscando clan , Saludos
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  • MW3 Clan: ReD

    ReD Sniping & Reg guns, no LMGs or Shotguns. Hello! I have decided to start a new clan for MW3 -- ReD, as you can probably see from the title. I'm recruiting members who are the following: Kind, Respectful And F...
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  • i need a clan

    so I'm lvl 2 I'm playing on steam I been making a few youtube video on mw3 so yep I need a clan so I play
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  • looking to join an mw3 ps3 clan

    i am looking to join an mw3 ps3 clan i have experience from be xplasma and leader/co-leader of TbO i am 16 i believe i could be a really good quickscoper for an old clan or a good person to give advice in a new clan i...
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  • Looking to join a clan!  For mw3, Ps3.

    My psn is kenwoodie, add me on there.  My weekly ratio is around a 3.2 and my all time is a 2.8.  I would love to be a part of a clan that is willing to work together and to  use call names and such....
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  • Pandorum Gaming / PC/ We host teamspeak channels!

    Hey there!   I am a representative from Pandorum Gaming, We are currently in the process of both sponsoring a serious team as well as hosting teamspeak channels at no charge.   We believe in Equality for a...
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  • Call Of Duty Elite Clan (Join)

    Looking for members to join my clan "U.S.  Navy Seals" on Elite. Anyone can join right now, because i just made it a few days ago. If you want to win every game, play with experienced players, and get Elite Title...
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  • 4H Ω Behold The 4 Horsemen «WiiU & X1 & PS4 & 360 & PS3 & Wii» Est. 2008

      Club Name: The 4 Horsemen Club Tag: 4H       About The Club     We at 4H, have a committed ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. We pride ourselves on choking the life out o...
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    Hey guy's . Me and my buds are making a MW3 Elite Clan and we are looking for players for our team. There is going to be Double Clan XP, Medals and much more. We only have 35 clan members now we are looking to fill up...
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  • MW3 CLan recruitment !!!

    Hey guys how is it going? I'm 15 and I'm starting a sniping clan something like FaZe i need people who are atleast over 14  and are good at mw3 and can use snipers please leave your psn and i will get to you. MY ...
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  • Créé un clan

    Salut a toi je voulais savoir si tu voulais créé un clan que de sniper avec moi si tu vuet tu peut me rejoindre sur skype: roman.kraszewski56 et sur ps3 FiiXiiTe
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  • no puedo poner el call of duty elite

    no me deja meterme al call of duty elite
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  • Wir rekrutieren! Deutscher MultiGamingClan (PC)

    Hallo liebe User, Mein Name ist Sneyzer | Olli ich stelle hiermit den Ph{S} Clan vor. Da sich unser Clan sehr dezimiert hat sind wir nun wieder bereit Leute zu rekrutieren!       Da wir ein MultiGam...
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  • Clans?

    I want to join a clan, I am 13, play cod often, have a mic and like to snipe and play mostly search and destroy, Does anyone have a clan I can join
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  • looking to join an Mw3 clan on ps3

    I'm a pretty decent player and I play pretty regularly. I'm looking for a clan I could maybe join and play with. Reply here or message me, psn is wesjayals.
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  • suche deutschen ps3 mw3 clan

    suche einen clan in mw3 auf der ps3 ....hat jemand einen wo ich bei treten kann??
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  • AW MW2 MW3 Ghosts Clan Reqruitment PS3

    Hey Guys, Today is my official clan reqruitment for my clan sr <sR> If interested in joining Comment Bellow This is a ps3 clan Must Create New Account Must Have Mic Must Be Able to QuickScope and tricksho...
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  • PS3 MW3 Clan Reccruiting

    A friend of mine and I are starting a new sniping clan on MW3 and looking for people to recruit. REQUIREMENTS--- 1) Quickscoping is key in sniping. Must know how to quickscope, dragscope, and noscope. 2) Must be wi...
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