• Looking for Australian MW3 Clan (360)

    Hey guys, as the title says I am looking for an MW3 clan on xbox 360 based in Australia. I do not mind a casual clan, I am just looking for a community to play with, as I am currently learning to quickscope and would ...
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  • Então é ai que eu lhe pergunto voce esta preparado?.

    eu gostaria de criar um clã nao para os fracos e sim para os melhores independente da idade,sexo,cor tanto faz eu quero os melhores e mais legais se quisrem falar no xbox meu gamertag é lucasbrendo720.
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    Xbox 360 - Fine Clan - YouTube Like and Subscribe! We're recruiting members for the Fine Clan! *we are a name based clan not elite* For more Info please contact Fine Sketch.
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  • MLG player back in the day looking for PS3 MW3 clan

    As you can see by the title i used to play MW3 competitively, mainly around domination where i reached rank 16 in the leaderboards. (also rank 7998 on kills with a 1.69 k/d... 58253 kills and 34370 deaths). But after ...
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  • looking for a clan

    Hi i am djtock and i am looking for a clan.  My ration is arround 1.20 i playe on ps4 and if you want to see how i play check my youtube channel: djtock. I play almost everyday or when ever i have free time. ...
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  • new cod aw clan for ps4

    The clan tag is TKZS...fresh new clan search for TerrorKingzSin...and add me LGT420
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  • Recruiting for MW3 Clan

    Recruiting for PS3 mw3 clan players must be competitive and own a mic players also must be very active   For a tryout Message xSD17_ With the subject Clan i will tell you all other details about the clan th...
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  • MW3 CLAN Recruitment

    Hello Guys/Ladys I'm In The process Of making A Mw3 Clan As My Other Clan Was Hacked (Brightz) 15k So I'm On The Move To Look For Good At Trick-shots or Feeding or Recording (PVR,Elgato ect) So If Your Interested Add ...
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  • HecTic Clan Recruiting xbox one/360

    HecTic clan is recruiting Snipers/feeders, trickshotters, competitive and casual players, editors, web designers and graphic designers. We are a Multi Cod Clan. To join you'll need to apply online at hecticclan.enjin....
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  • Alguien me alluda a subir lv ? En mw3 ps3 mi nombre es Naim6201 gracias

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    Hey guy's . Me and my buds are making a MW3 Elite Clan and we are looking for players for our team. There is going to be Double Clan XP, Medals and much more. We only have 35 clan members now we are looking to fill up...
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  • je cherche un clan actif, qui fait des guerres , jai aussi advanced warfare  ,   im looking for a serius clan, on ps3

    J'ai 14 ans, je cherche un clan actif, qui joue soit au snip, soir au fusil d'assault. JE CHERCHE UN CLAN OFFICIEL SVP. Contactez moi par email: adri33@hotmail.ca          ...
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  • Recruiting MLG Clan members (1.31 Clan)

    We are no ordinary clan we do clan wars,training and tryouts to keep our clan up and running all the time and to make our clan elite MLG pro.Videos are being made on youtube and tryouts are always open.For more info c...
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  • Any MW3 clans for ps3 add tescao

    IM looking for a clan on mw3 i trickshot and feed i can also try hard with assualt rifles
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    Our clan is currently level 3 with only 2 elite members. We have a roster of 8 people (Those 8 people are people I know in real life but do not have Elite sadly...) We used to have another elite memeber named cbort99 ...
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  • Recruiting

    I have a good clan. We normally 4-0 people playing seach and destroy hardcore in mw3. I am looking to expand my advanced warfare clan and my mw3 clan. If you are interested let me know via email. billdixon3@yahoo.com ...
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  • Clan español ps3??

    Buenas me gustaría crear o formar parte de un clan (españoles), para jugar competitivo, mi cuenta es: Xx_Mr0_xX  si a alguien le interesa que me agregue y me lo diga por mensaje, saludos:)
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  • Anyone looking for Advance Warfare ps3 clan

    Anyone looking for an advance warfare clan on ps3 Add DoctorShawn123
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  • Strive gaming AW xbox1 competative

    Strive gaming are looking for two more competitive gamers that are willing to play for us on the gfinity and soon MLG, in order to play these you have to have a subscription which is £2.40 per month or £20...
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  • Searching  People for clan (advanced Warfare) PS3

    Hello my name is inikoss,   Me the clan leader and my clanmates are searching for  people to join my clan. K/D ratio doesn't matter.   You need to be active and wanna play Clan Wars and level up the ...
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