are you looking for a clan do you wanna trick shot and win search and destroy well add me on psn BEAST_Qsnipes im the leader and we quickscope trickshot and play search and destroy or 2v2 or 3v3 and team deathmatch ad...
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  • PS3 clan recruiting

    Good Evening Gentlemen,     My name is LT Pyro of the United States Virtual Navy and Marine Corps. We are currently recruiting for some dedicated players that would like to play COD MW3 online. We are also ...
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  • The Honor Squad is recruiting!

    Name: The Honor Squad Clan Tag: [ONR] Location: North America Games: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Chivalry, Clash of Clans, Counter-Strike, DOTA, and more... Looking forward to: Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six Se...
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  • remasterização mw3 para ps4

    remasterização de mw3 para ps4 pois foi o ultimo jogo bom da saga !
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  • lookin 4 a clan for the call of duty modern warfare3

    Im looking a active team that love to killing stuff like me.I been playin online least then a month but workin on my 3 pertige now n climbing fast so if there a clan that could use a player like me let kno n thx.My ga...
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  • clan br ??

    clan BR
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  • Clan recruiting for PS3

    Wanna join?
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  • SiNs Clan Now Recruiting [ps3]

    Hi PS3 users, if you are looking for a clan, I am now starting one called SiNs. We play games besides from call of duty like team fortress two and others. reply with your username to join. You can also tell me your st...
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  • help

    How do i make a clan
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  • how to make a clan in mw3?

    help me pls
  • Deutscher Xbox 360 Clan sucht Member!

    Suchen Member für unseren Clan auf der Xbox 360. Wir spielen hauptsächlich MW3 (MW2 und BO2 auch) und haben auch Clanwars.   Addet mich & bewerbt euch: XboxLive: SwankyHDx   Skype: chitz54 ...
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  • Help?

    How can I set up for my clan to be official? I just dont understand how this works.
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  • Need a begginer clan.

    Hello! My name is spark, and I need a clan to learn and get big on COD. But I just started a week ago, and hoping to join a clan. I want to learn how to quickscope, and stuff. I wouldn't consider my self good, but I'm...
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  • qui joue sur ps3 ??

    qui joue sur ps3 ? des personne du 974 ?
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  • Mw3 clan ps3

    HEy guys im ismet im from germany and im 16 years old im looking for a clan i have a headset too   psn:fener_ismet   thx
  • A Clan!

    Hey guys I'm starting up a clan currently got 2 of my friends in it it's level 3 at the moment. The clan's name is Survival. You don't have to be a Survival (Special Ops Gamemode) lover to join this clan! Just be some...
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  • need clan members

    Yo I'm looking for players to join my advanced warfare clan on ps3. Any interested let me know my psn is Evil_Reaper3 .clan name B2kz.
  • Anyone looking for an editor?

    Hello,      I am 16 and have a lot of fun editing montages and creating intro's   I will do it all for free and I will not self advertise on your videos but a shout out would be nice once i...
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  • I'm Looking To Join A Clan [360]

    Hey everyone I'm looking to join/ create  a decently skilled clan. I only play every now and then, but when I do play I want a group of people that I can play with. I used to play a bunch but havent played in a...
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  • Looking For MW3 Team or Clan

    Im a very active MW3 16 Years oldPlayer with a 2.85Kd and a weekly/Monthly 5,6 kd. At the moment i have around 260 MOABs. Im loocking for active Players or a Clan that know how to play Headquoters Sabotage and Demoli...
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