• Can't play Special Ops w/ 2 controllers - HELP!!!

    Hi Everyone,   I just purchased MW3 today and am already frustrated as hell. I have two controllers and a friend here and can't play Special Ops together at all. It's no fun playing Multiplayer just the two of u...
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  • Need good player for help on Hardhat

    I'm trying to get to wave 30 on Hardhat in survival mode.  I am only at wave 24 so far.  Any good survival mode players would be a big help.  I keep getting matched up with beginners or real little kids...
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  • Looking for someone to team up with

    So lately I can't find anyone worth playing with. And when I do, they wanna play Resistance and what not. I'd rather play maps like Gultch, Oasis, Bakarra, Underground, etc. Even Hardhat. (Can't find anyone worth a **...
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  • Need a spec ops partner

    Looking for spec ops partner to get achievemnets with. But i don't want someone to take it too seriously. play for fun. GT: LeBomb HD    message me if interested
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  • The 8 Best Survival Maps

    There are 33 total survival maps (I'm counting the chaos maps separately), and my favorite 8 are:   - Seatown - Fallen - Bakaara - Piazza - Oasis - Off Shore - Parish - Dome in Chaos mode  
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  • Spec Ops Help

    The trophy for getting 48 stars in spec ops is the last trophy I need for the platinum trophy. I am having some trouble though and would really appreciate it if someone would help me out. I am not the best player ever...
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  • The 10 Best Spec Ops Missions (CoD4, MW2, MW3)

    Despite people ragging on it a lot I still enjoy spec ops. By my count there are 48 missions total, and here are the 10 I like the most: Mile High Club O Cristo Redentor Overwatch Hidden Breach and Clear Esta...
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  • Looking for someone to help get all stars in Spec Ops

    I'm looking for someone to help me get all the stars in Spec Ops (no DLC).  My gamer tag on XBL is ZanyEvilDude. I will be on Tuesday (tomorrow) pretty much all all day.  If I'm not online, just message me.
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  • Mw3 GliTcheS AnD SeCreTs (JuSt FoR FuN)

    If U aRe A Mw3 AdDict There aRe GliTcheS In SoMe Map   Ex.Resistance   There Are Two Big Crates That u Can Jump Just Jump on It Then BoOm DogS Wont Get U AnD AlsO JugGerNauts Will NoT KilL u EaSily  ...
  • How did my partner get a helicopter to drop down a team of men

    Hey guys,   While I was playing Spec Ops survival mode, my partnet called in an aircraft that dropped down a team of like 5 men. How did he do that and what is it called??
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  • fix the lag time out

    I cant tell you how many times i have invested four or five hours to make it to wave 50, 60 and beyond just to have the game lag out after only 3 seconds! Especially when its not our connection and its mw3's servers t...
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  • Spec Ops Highest Level

    I was bored and decided to make a topic where you can show-off your new top scores and compare them! Ealier today I just played Spec Ops with my friend (2 Players in total) and we reached our goal which we set before...
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  • "Just Reset everybody because if not we'd have to do our job."

    You got to be kidding me.IW reset everybody's rank on chaos because of the cheaters.I know something had to be done but I put alot of time in playing and got good scores ( the right way).Had first on most of the maps ...
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  • Spec ops DLC achievments needed. [XBOX 360]

    Have about 15 achievments left for spec ops and most of them are DLC and two player missions. Good players and must have a mic. Im not a veteran COD multiplayer gamer however i am a very skilled gamer at campaign and ...
    created by xebullientprism
  • Need good PS3 player for MW3 spec ops

    I am going for a platinum trophy on MW3 and i can't do the special ops missions on veteran. if someone can help me add Deviant_Rapidz on PS3.
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  • Problem with spec op Vertigo

    In two player mode I am having a problem with not being able to get off the roof.  We can get to the last two helicopters but when we shoot them down it is not dropping the parachute.  It is only showing we ...
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  • spawn trapping in survival

    i noticed on a few maps that you can spawn trap the enemies. if you are camping out somewhere they almost always spawn in the same places. if ur playing co-op especially on the tier 1 maps where you have a helo just a...
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  • Player Needed For Chaos Mode (XBOX 360)

    Need a decent player that is familiar with chaos mode & is not a total noob lol. I consider myself to be a decent player, i give it my best whilst having fun. On solol i have gotten to rank 13999 on resistance whi...
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  • Amanda Todd, Positiveness, & Bullying

    [Removed by Moderator]
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  • Anyone on the 360...

    ...up for playing the multiplayer spec ops and all survival modes from hardhat onwards. Trying to get the 15 wave achievements and the last of the Mission Achievements. If anyone's up for it message me. GT is "Roe Par...
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