• these hackers taking over mw3

    PLEASE can you do something about these hacerks, they are going to take over this game MP it make you feel down when a kid constantly kills you by cheating and every 2 of 13 lobbies got hackers on there they take away...
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  • for those who like cal of duty

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  • Downloadable Content Key Giveaway

    Hi there ! I´ve had just bought an MW3 turtle beach edition headset and it came with a downloadable content KeyCode . I don´t have the game and im not planning to adquire it by the time , so im gi...
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  • Looking for a clan

    hi,   I am looking for a clan of me can accommodate   My PSN Name: XxMaJiK__GuNz_xX
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  • looking for a clan

    hi,   I am looking for a clan of me can accommodate   My PSN Name: XxMaJiK__GuNz_xX @@
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  • Hackers?

    I was wondering which Call of Duty games have hackers on them for the Xbox 360.
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  • Recruiting for Advance Warfare: Clan will automatically migrate over to Advance Warfare app on 11/4/14. TwoLilJit is a Red tag Clan with all unlocks MAX LVL/XBOX 360 Only.16 and up must be mature and in the US.

    Codsman Aug 6, 2014 12:28 AM So if your NOT a QUITTER than Apply: TwoLilJit Via phone app and like us on Facebook. A Gold Clan In BO2 & Red  Clan in Ghost,1ST Place in most Clan wars or in top 3. Recruiting f...
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  • COD Edits (FREE)

    If anybody want there clip edit for free contact me: ill start upload clips soon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvoyxXtTNaeDDHiAMAiUFtA Skype: viiper-hd
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  • mw3 theater upload

    i don't know if you guys are having this trouble or not, but i am,i tryed uploading it to facebook, it said it shared on my facebook and my facebook never recieved it, i tryed render the videos and it sent me this web...
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  • Bring Back ELITE!!!

    I think Call Of Duty Elite should be brought me and my friends miss doing clan battles leveling up our clan doing 3 v 3's doing clan challenges and a lot of other people did to so I don't think it was right to take it...
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  • Elite Founder code. Spare code.

    I was just wondering if anyone has a spare code for elite founder.I really like the patch and background on ghosts and I was wondering if anyone has a spare code that could give me. And I didn't get the mw3 hardened e...
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  • I lost a xbox 360 account that was prestige 20 in MW3 due to an update.

    A couple months ago there was a security update required for you to sign in... It asked for your email and password to confirm update and to download. I entered my email and password and it said error unvalid email ad...
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  • COD: Ghosts Ideas (MW4)

    Well many of you might complain about this but here's my idea. Activision and Treyarch should work on this one together. It'll make it more better! Add a zombies mode?? Not like Black Ops Zombies, though. Make them...
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  • Next Infinity Ward Game Idea's

    this is the offical next IW game idea thread, share all your game idea's now! Infinity ward will be making a CoD game sooner or later so we better get cooking on idea's!!!! please share all idea's on this thread. &nbs...
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  • WHAT HAPPENED TO COD ELITE?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?

    You can't customize your classes online like before ;(
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  • Why cant i get on Elite?

    Everytime I try to log into Elite it says the website is throttled
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    ULTIMATE Akimbo FMG9 FRAG/MONTAGE! MW3! MUST WATCH - YouTube First Ever Frag By Me! I'm hoping to get this video very popular, please watch this video and sub and leave a like! Thanks
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  • mw3 for the x 1

    call of duty.. would you guys ever consider making mw3 for the one.. it would be the best thing for many of us to be able to have fun playing call of duty mw3 on the new consoles and not deal with the ghost gameplay.....
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  • Broken Password Account Recovery Process

    If you cannot log into your original account on the website due to an unknown issue created by the website overhaul back in November 2011, then follow these steps to the letter!   Well obviously since I'm postin...
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