ULTIMATE Akimbo FMG9 FRAG/MONTAGE! MW3! MUST WATCH - YouTube First Ever Frag By Me! I'm hoping to get this video very popular, please watch this video and sub and leave a like! Thanks
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  • mw3 for the x 1

    call of duty.. would you guys ever consider making mw3 for the one.. it would be the best thing for many of us to be able to have fun playing call of duty mw3 on the new consoles and not deal with the ghost gameplay.....
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  • Broken Password Account Recovery Process

    If you cannot log into your original account on the website due to an unknown issue created by the website overhaul back in November 2011, then follow these steps to the letter!   Well obviously since I'm postin...
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  • I need a cod 4 xp lobby for ps3 since I got deranked last night

    Is there anyone who get me a prestige lobby on cod4 for ps3? I was deranked last night by some kid in cage match.
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  • MW3 Headshots only squeaker troll

    Check out this trolling video that I made and please give me a review of it.   Please remember this is my first trolling video. I am open to criticism as long as it is constructive. Which means don't tell me it s...
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  • What two features would you want on a SCUF controller?

    Scuf controllers add two buttons on the underside that you can manipulate with your hand without taking your fingers off the aim or move sticks. So.. what two would you do?  I'm thinking X button (reload) and B ...
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  • Poll: Favorite Zombie map

    I would like to know your response. For me: 1.) Farm 2.) Town 3.) Mob of the Dead. P.S. Have not played Buried. Could someone tell me. How good is it? 1-5 stars. Thank you.
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  • Video Editor Needed...

    Hey whats up I am coming to you today with a question. I have amazing Sniper Footage I use for montages but im tired of the same old stuff using video editor. Ill need someone I can talk to on Xbox n stuff not sum ran...
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  • Having all Call of Duty game maps and map packs ever made available to download.

    I've got an idea that I would love to see happen with the release of the new C.O.D. Ghost game.  Call of Duty should have all of the game maps and map packs ever made available for players to download.  Here...
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  • Rise of the Dragoon (A Fan-Made MW3 Short Movie)

      I've been a Call of Duty fan ever since I started playing CoD2. Now that Call of Duty: Ghosts was released a few weeks ago, I was inspired to make a fan video. It showcases different Call of Duty timelines like...
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  • INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself, new or existing

    This thread is for new members and exisiting members.   Post a few details and introduce your self.   All Rules apply.     Hi my name is Michael (v Sim CO)   I'm one of the moderators on t...
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  • can't find matches in mw3 -xbox

    I can't find any matches other than in TDM or domination.  With around 50000 ppl online, I don't see why I can't find a match.  Especially when ghosts on xb1 has 20000 online and I can play whatever I want.
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  • Finding the jetpack in GTA 5 Online?

    Hey guys,   I was wondering if anyone had come across the jetpack in GTA 5 Online yet?   I read somewhere that it has something to do with the UFO. Then I came across this site: [Removed by Moderator] whic...
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  • Grim Hooligans Recruiting (Xbox360) (MW3)

    Come join the Elite Clan Grim Hooligans, Were going to be on YouTube but we only need a couple more members, if anybody is interested apply and or add YouMomsCreature. Thank you, Clan Grim Hooligans Clan leader You...
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  • How do i get a hold of someone from Infinity Ward

    I have a idea for the next call of duty game by you guys (Infinity Ward) and i would like to take some time out of your hands if thats o.k.
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  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a show produced by Lauren Faust. Lauren is a graduate of Cal Arts, and is best known for her work on the Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends The series stars ...
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  • Anyone need a clan???(xbox)

    Everyone wants a clan where they will feel a part of it and feel like they matter but sometimes joining an already large clan isnt the best option. Well here at Th3 OutKasts your commitment and devotion is the backbon...
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  • Recreating Shipment from CoD4

    I want to recreate the Shipment map from CoD4 inside an Indie game called "Murder Minors". I want to make the map exactly the same dimensions as the original. Think of dimensions like measurements. Dimensions are used...
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  • Looking BO2 ZoMbIe PlAyErS

    looking for average zombies players who have all dlc maps for black ops 2 and are willing to go for high rounds or easter egg must be 18 or older with a headset and must not rage quit if you have a bad game if interes...
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  • Does anyone know?

    Sense they are going to be linking call of duty ghost to call of duty elite does anyone kow if they are going to start the permium member subscriptions again?
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