• Activision Rewards - Forum Badges: Round 2

    Hey everyone,   A whole new set of forum badges have been released as part of the Activision Rewards program for the Community. Check out the blog post for more details, Activision Rewards: Round 2   What do...
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  • Error during campaign mode

    Hi Guys ,   I recently got a call of duty MW3, this is a great game and my favorit FPS game. My problème is next : During campaign mode all doing well during the begining but after especialy un Part II the...
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  • Warum startet mein MW3 nicht ?!

    Ich starte MW3 und möchte auf dass multiplayer  joinen.. geht aber nicht, da kommt dan: dass der multiplayer zurzeit nicht on ist oder so.. Und dass ich auf der HP kugen soll. woran liegt dass ?! Will wieder...
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  • Hacked hosts in MW3, and Activision's very poor customer support

    Hi -   My brother-in-law bought me Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the Wii recently for my birthday.   Whilst playing the multiplayer online, I keep finding that the hosted game is hacked - killing any ...
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  • How to activate my elite account to get the titles?

    I have registered to the "Call of Duty" community to get the elite titles, BUT.. when I open mw3 and look under - titles & emblems, I don't seems to be able to find my new title,..   Why not?  !
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  • COD MW3 not getting installed. need a way to do so.

    i purchased the dvd from market, but its not getting installed from the dvd, rather starts to download the whole 14gb game. after contacting the seller and searching the internet, gave me a way to install it from dvd ...
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  • salut j'ai acheter un jeu mw3 sur pc et j'arrive pas a jouer en ligne sa me met votre clé est néest pas juste ou un truc comme sa alors que j'ai bien essayer je l'ai ecris sans me tromper quelqun peut m'aide svp

    aider moi svp
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  • Call of Duty MW3 on Nintendo Wii - Help with Wii Zapper control

    In the game Call of Duty MW3 on Nintendo Wii I don´t understand the manual about the Wii Zapper Controls. I don´t know how to throw lethal and tatical granedes and I don´t know how to jump... The man...
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  • server elite no rewars

    ayuda, h ace años me registre en el servidor elite forme mi clan y todo pero nunca recibi los premios que te dan alli ni nada ahora no se puede accesar osea que ya no puedo pero sera que en soporte me ayuden
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  • I can't install mw3 from disc. Steam sent me here. I'm out of options.

    I've always had issues installing any game I bought ever since steam [moderated] took over. It continuously wants to download, it's used a gig of my data so far and I still can't play my damn game, which I have on dis...
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  • Is the Call of duty MW3 and Black Ops wii run on the DemonWare servers?

    I got Black ops on the wii, and i heard you can still play online. Is that true, and if it is, how?
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  • Vac ban but no reason because of demos.

    Hi I've got vac ban since 500 days, but there are all demos in my mw3 game. Please answer me because I dont know what's going on. I have never cheated and I've got demos of all of my games so unban me please. have a n...
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  • MW3 online problem!

    Hello my name is Mert. I'm from Turkey. I have a problem. Yesterdey i wanted to play mw3 multiplayer but i get a error in multiplayer lobby screen ( server status not avaible. Chech www.callofduty.com/mw3/status). I d...
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  • New Clan {Verse} (PS3 Clan)

    Hey guys, I'm Verse-Conquer. I'm the recruiter for my friends new clan Verse! Currently looking for Recorders, Trickshotters,Players and knifers. We are mostly 15 but were taking this clan very serious, so if you're i...
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  • default weapons

    hi i am on ps3 mw3 and from the beginning i can only play with the default weapons from the class i am now on prestiuge 1 level 32 and i still can't use my unlocked weapons, can any one give me advice on what to do
  • I found a MEGA hacker.

    Hi, I'd like to warn everyone in advance who plays MW3 FFA, on PS3. BaVarian_Modz is the biggest hacker i've ever encountered. He hacked himself a hand-held AC-130, a MOAB 2 games in a row, Invincibility, etc. At the ...
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  • Pacotes de mapas

    Baixei a coleção de mapas 1 e 3 mais não consigo jogar nesses mapas! Como faço? Toda vez que seleciono lá no menu do jogo para incluir eesses mapas nunca até hoje achei nenhuma sala.
  • how do i link my mw3 acount

    how do I link my mw3 acount
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  • How do I change my colour class?

    Hi, I found some tutorials on the web that they teach how to change your colour of the class on mw3 but the tutorial that i found are old so i am not able do edit my class. Can you help me? Please, can you tell me how...
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  • Why is my post not allowed?

    Tried to post a message in the "CALL OF DUTY: CLANS" forum, but could not. The post failed with the following response: Sorry, you are attempting to post content that is not allowed.  Any help appreciated. &n...
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