• someone reset my level in COD modern warfare 3

    While i was playing MW3 I met a hacker in the game. So I left the lobby because I didn't want to get banned. So then I got off but on the next day I got back on and I was level 1 prestige 0. When I was previously pr...
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  • HELP! I've been deranked by modders on MW3

    I know Modern Warfare 3 is an old game, but I enjoy/ed playing the game. Mostly when modders weren't hacking you or the lobby! But me and a friend which we both have been hacked, and then deranked, we joined a lobby o...
  • Problem

    When i start mw3 i load all including videos good but when the mission or match start everything go slow i have updated the drivers i have windows 10 i can play Black ops 2 at 70 FPS but mw3 go 5 FPS pls help me
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  • Free Maps Agground and Erosion

    I had downloaded these maps at the beginning of the game, but when formatted my PS3 for errors that gave him, but regained account when installing the maps not working someone help me? Or spend]
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  • How do i get all my stats back after a hacker reset all of my stuff on mw3?!

    I was in an online teamdeath match game last night, didn't even know the guy was hacking, we get back to the main screen and I'm back to lvl 1 with zero kills and 888888 deaths already and all of my stuff I've worked ...
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  • Problema riscontrato su Call of Duty: MW3, hacker e perdita livelli su PS3.

    Salve   Avrei una segnalazione da fare: il 20/09, durante una partita online a COD: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) con tre miei amici, ci siamo imbattuti in un giocatore che utilizzava palesemente delle hack (un mio amic...
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  • rank was changed

    my rank in mw3 was at level 80. Then it was change to 1 permenatly
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  • why i cant connect on mw3 online?

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  • Hacked online and reset of my rank

    I was Prestige 16 Level 80 and I changed my name to Rzt Viperz, turns out a hacker reset my rank.... I would like this account recovered, my MW3 previous names are : StyL Reactions, OP ViperzZz (most recent) , (new ...
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  • MW3 Stats reset by hacker

    I was in an online multiplayer lobby with some friends, when we left my friend and I had our stats reset or Level 1 no prestige, and we had over 80000000 deaths and what not, I was a Prestige 12, Level 21 PSN name [Re...
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  • my stats were reset by a hacker from prestige 19 lvl 41 to just lvl 41. and it says i have 1000000+ deaths for 5 kills?

    for mw3 i just got on for the first time in a month and i was in a hacked lobby and i left and my stats went from 19th prestige lvl 41 to lvl 41 no prestige. i am so pissed off because i have played this game since it...
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  • I was deranked by another player on mw3 for Xbox 360 how do I get my rank and all my stuff back

      need to know what to do to get my tanks back after some one I played yesterday deranked me what do I do to get my ranks and guns back
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  • Hilfe

    Hey hab mal eine Frage Habe gestern Prestige 6 gedrückt und noch bis lvl 14 gespielt. Als ich heute spielen wollte War ich plötzlich lvl 1 habe aber meine Klassen noch und alle meine Titel noch. Was kann...
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  • Hilfe

    Habe gestern Prestige 6 gedrückt und noch bis lvl 14 gespielt. Als ich mich vorhin eingeloggt habe und anfangen wollte zu spielen War ich plötzlich lvl 1 aber meine Klassen und Titel sind alle noch da. ...
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  • I was playing MW3 on PS3 when I joined a lobby I saw a hacker, I left as soon as I saw him but when I was leaving it kicked me and it sent me back to main menu. I went to multiplayer to find out we had reset my account back to prestige 1, I looked at my t

    I was playing MW3 on PS3 when I joined a lobby I saw a hacker, I left as soon as I saw him but when I was leaving it kicked me and it sent me back to main menu. I went to multiplayer to find out we had reset my accoun...
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  • MW3 Demoted :'(

    I was literally just playing a match of mw3.. I just joined a random public match of kill confirmed and there was a guy using god mode and we couldnt kill him... Happens a lot on the game nowadays so i just ignored an...
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  • I went on mw3 and it says that i need to reset my rank to continue ?? why ??

    OK so i started playing mw3 i wanted to play on xbox live and it come up with a message stating that my data is from an older version of the game and that i must reset my rank to continue why ?!?!?
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  • Multiplayer reset my stats/levels/everything

    I was playing MW3 multiplayer in what must have had a hacker playing it it, because on respawn I spawned with the class of an M16 or something, the introductory one, when you just start playing, and I didn't have that...
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  • MW3 restarting my levels with no reason

    Hey guys I played 3 days ago something like 3 hours then i left the game, after i entered to the game again i was level 1 i was mad so i left. today played again i thought that was only a bug so i played for 3 hours a...
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  • Mw3 theater error

    I'm having an annoying problem with COD MW3. My PS3 is the 160GB slim model, but these days put 500GB on it. The problem is this, I can not write more than 5 minutes of any departure from the theater, always when it...
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