• Hacker-lobby

    I had played in an hacker-lobby and now i´m level 1. What should I do?
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  • Anything new coming for this?

    Just curious.
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  • Any new updates for MW3?

    Just curious.
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  • Any chance of a remake?

    I doubt it but I'm just curious.
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  • Facebook connection problems PS3

    hey guys, i have a big problem with facebook's login connection on ps3, i used to upload my videos to facebook 0 problems, but now i cant login to it, it always says "login failed...blah blah" i went to account settin...
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  • Invisible glitch

    Please fix that.   More and more are doing that glitch that make you invisible, and immortal.   That's clearly a cheating glitch exploit.   Hopefully, Someone will hear.
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  • Activision Ambassador Black Ops III Shirt Winners

    Heyo! Ambassadors! Thanks for the big push the last 10 days of the month of May. You guys are really knocking it out of the park with all of the help you’ve been giving back to the Activision community. As pro...
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  • every weapon gold :(

    2 weeks ago I joined in a hackerlobby. I got no VAC ban but if I take a new gun and get atleast 1 point with the weapon i got weaponlvl 30 and Gold carmo. Is there any ways to reset that?
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  • Hey isn't black ops 2 just a great game.

    I think it has good guns,really good maps and also good graphics am I right. Benji090 NM156superadminadminp00ter71KittySparkles
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  • Mw3 Conection problem

    Immer wenn ich mw3 starte und dan auf spielen drücke dann versucht er zu verbinden aber ich bekomme dann immer eine fehlermeldung  dass die server zurzerit nicht online sind
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  • prestige

    ok so this is how it goes I have mw3 which I did not prestige in until the other day but I have advanced warfare and have prestige a total of 6 times so far and when I look at the app it does not show that I have asce...
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  • can't get on to team death match....

    I have played team death match consistently with no issues. I downloaded all the mappacks the other day and now when I go to team death match it shows "NO GAMES" available.  I can play other games like community ...
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    1st the site does nothing. Now it says code error. It has been like this for weeks. When will I be able to redeem my damn code? On top of that for naggin and asking daily when this code will work I was muted of the ac...
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  • Erreur lors du monde compagne de MW3 sur PC

    Bonjour à tous , comment ça va ?   Je suis nouveau sur le Forum alors j'espère que je ne fais pas déjà de bêtise ! En tout cas en parcourant le Forum avant de m'inscrire je r...
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  • connection eror

    Hi does somebody knows why there is an error when we try to multiplay?
  • alles auf gold? :(

    Hallo liebe Community, vor einiger Zeit war ich in einer Hackerlobby. Ich habe nicht wie alle erwarten einen VAC-ban bekommen sonder habe wenn ich mit einer Waffe nur 1 Punkt mache diese sofort auf Gold. Dies ist ziem...
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  • Call Of Duty: Elite Custom Classes

    I reached Prestige 20 level 80 at the start of this month (August) and while checking Elite I like to change my classes about. Ever since I got to prestige 20 my custom classes on Elite have not updated from the defau...
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  • mw3 boosting,vac ban

    Dear Mw3 Support,      I was banned 256 days ago, i only used hack for boost, I've even used this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD3-ifgnlqo, but i banned permanently, i read Banning Policy and ...
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  • MW3 broken text problem

    Evrything works fine,i can play with no problem but the texts are glitchy...so i cant understand anything out of the story ..i cant know who i am...i cant even know where i am or what weapon am i picking or what's the...
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  • Can't join any lobbies in Black Ops 1?

    Hi everyone! I like to play online on Black Ops 1 for my ps3. I usually play TDM, Mercenary, or capture the flag. I've always been able to play online very easily, but just recently, I can't join lobbies anymore? ...
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