• prestige

    ok so this is how it goes I have mw3 which I did not prestige in until the other day but I have advanced warfare and have prestige a total of 6 times so far and when I look at the app it does not show that I have asce...
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  • can't get on to team death match....

    I have played team death match consistently with no issues. I downloaded all the mappacks the other day and now when I go to team death match it shows "NO GAMES" available.  I can play other games like community ...
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    1st the site does nothing. Now it says code error. It has been like this for weeks. When will I be able to redeem my damn code? On top of that for naggin and asking daily when this code will work I was muted of the ac...
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  • Erreur lors du monde compagne de MW3 sur PC

    Bonjour à tous , comment ça va ?   Je suis nouveau sur le Forum alors j'espère que je ne fais pas déjà de bêtise ! En tout cas en parcourant le Forum avant de m'inscrire je r...
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  • connection eror

    Hi does somebody knows why there is an error when we try to multiplay?
  • every weapon gold :(

    2 weeks ago I joined in a hackerlobby. I got no VAC ban but if I take a new gun and get atleast 1 point with the weapon i got weaponlvl 30 and Gold carmo. Is there any ways to reset that?
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  • alles auf gold? :(

    Hallo liebe Community, vor einiger Zeit war ich in einer Hackerlobby. Ich habe nicht wie alle erwarten einen VAC-ban bekommen sonder habe wenn ich mit einer Waffe nur 1 Punkt mache diese sofort auf Gold. Dies ist ziem...
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  • Hey isn't black ops 2 just a great game.

    I think it has good guns,really good maps and also good graphics am I right. Benji090 NM156superadminadminp00ter71KittySparkles
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  • Call Of Duty: Elite Custom Classes

    I reached Prestige 20 level 80 at the start of this month (August) and while checking Elite I like to change my classes about. Ever since I got to prestige 20 my custom classes on Elite have not updated from the defau...
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  • mw3 boosting,vac ban

    Dear Mw3 Support,      I was banned 256 days ago, i only used hack for boost, I've even used this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD3-ifgnlqo, but i banned permanently, i read Banning Policy and ...
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  • MW3 broken text problem

    Evrything works fine,i can play with no problem but the texts are glitchy...so i cant understand anything out of the story ..i cant know who i am...i cant even know where i am or what weapon am i picking or what's the...
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  • Invisible glitch

    Please fix that.   More and more are doing that glitch that make you invisible, and immortal.   That's clearly a cheating glitch exploit.   Hopefully, Someone will hear.
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  • Can't join any lobbies in Black Ops 1?

    Hi everyone! I like to play online on Black Ops 1 for my ps3. I usually play TDM, Mercenary, or capture the flag. I've always been able to play online very easily, but just recently, I can't join lobbies anymore? ...
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  • How do I setup my 360 gamepad with COD3 on windows 8.1

    I can't find any info on hooking up my gamepad ???
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  • help cant leave clan!!!!:/

    im in o5Gz clan and i cant get out! im trying to join TWARK TEAM clan! is there any way! please it getting me mad
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  • When I try update the newest software. It says Error 80029564

    It requests that I contact tech support for this problem.. But I dont know which tech support its referring to... I cant play online without this update   Is this error 80029564 due to COD or my Playstation?? or...
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  • cant sign in to my account

    Cant sign in to my cod account
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  • Can't play online from time to time

    Hello, I want to say that the call of duty server is not fully operational. From time to time I am able to connect but disconnects me for 5 minutes later or trying to play a game in the lobby, and my wifi box is next ...
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  • invisible, God mod etc...

    all lobby are modded, impossible to play correctly, you know this problem since long time, report cheaters have no effect( you never ban them) Could we expect a patch or is it something we just have to accept? Ple...
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  • COD Ghost wont find game

    COD Ghost wont find game, I'm connect with an Ethernet cable and my NAT is open. I have tried just about everything. A few days last week it work perfect, then it went back to not working Saturday.  My PS3 user n...
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