• Bug Report:  Marksman Perk not registering kills toward challenge

    Please help.  I have been playing for months and getting nowhere with Marksman Pro challenge.  I think I have 1/5 completed.  I use the Marksman Perk and snipe a lot.  I know that I should have ove...
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  • Hacked Accounts

    Hello Players, I was playing MW3 in PS3, when i joined  in a lobby with a hacker. I was playing normally until, I dont know what happened,  the server timed out and the hacker send me and the other players t...
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  • multiplayer problem (pc (steam) )

    Why I cant play multiplayer on mw3 pc? (steam) it says "the call of duty modren warfare 3 server is not available at this time.please try again later"
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  • Suddenly Prestige Rank

    I haven't played COD MW3 for a while now and when I logged back in I was some Prestige Rank even though I have never accomplished gaining prestige in COD MW3. Is it possible to reset my Rank so I can experience the ga...
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  • CoD MW3 PS3 lobby leaderboards "unranked" problem

    Heyy, like a week ago I got into a lobby with a hacker and didn't notice right away after the match I saw they were like 30something and 0 so I left and later tried to check the lobby and barracks leaderboards but the...
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  • What happened to the online lobby boards for team deathmatch on PS3?

    I was deranked by Lei-Vzla back in August in team deathmatch, I was only in the lobby for 6 seconds when it happened. I just kept playing as if nothing happened...no big deal. Now for the past 5-6 days the teamdeath m...
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    I have noticed an error come up when i try to connect to online. It states the servers are down and to visit the site for status updates. The site states the servers are fully operational. I can't connect.. Is anybody...
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  • Hacker-lobby

    I had played in an hacker-lobby and now i´m level 1. What should I do?
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  • Call Of Duty: Elite Custom Classes

    I reached Prestige 20 level 80 at the start of this month (August) and while checking Elite I like to change my classes about. Ever since I got to prestige 20 my custom classes on Elite have not updated from the defau...
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  • NAT

    Hi , today when i started to play and i seen "your NAT is : strict . Visit infinityward (.) com for help" IF i keep that problem(because i tried what wrote in that topic and dont work) i'll get VACban on steam?
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  • Connection Issues

    Receiving an error on xbox live stating that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server is not available at this time. I checked the status of the servers at http://www.callofduty.com/mw3/status and it states that ALL ...
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  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    I can not log in to the game because of this message modren warfare 3 server is not available at this time ? What I do
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  • Anything new coming for this?

    Just curious.
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  • Any new updates for MW3?

    Just curious.
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  • Any chance of a remake?

    I doubt it but I'm just curious.
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  • Facebook connection problems PS3

    hey guys, i have a big problem with facebook's login connection on ps3, i used to upload my videos to facebook 0 problems, but now i cant login to it, it always says "login failed...blah blah" i went to account settin...
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  • Invisible glitch

    Please fix that.   More and more are doing that glitch that make you invisible, and immortal.   That's clearly a cheating glitch exploit.   Hopefully, Someone will hear.
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  • Activision Ambassador Black Ops III Shirt Winners

    Heyo! Ambassadors! Thanks for the big push the last 10 days of the month of May. You guys are really knocking it out of the park with all of the help you’ve been giving back to the Activision community. As pro...
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  • every weapon gold :(

    2 weeks ago I joined in a hackerlobby. I got no VAC ban but if I take a new gun and get atleast 1 point with the weapon i got weaponlvl 30 and Gold carmo. Is there any ways to reset that?
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  • Hey isn't black ops 2 just a great game.

    I think it has good guns,really good maps and also good graphics am I right. Benji090 NM156superadminadminp00ter71KittySparkles
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