• connection eror

    Hi does somebody knows why there is an error when we try to multiplay?
  • every weapon gold :(

    2 weeks ago I joined in a hackerlobby. I got no VAC ban but if I take a new gun and get atleast 1 point with the weapon i got weaponlvl 30 and Gold carmo. Is there any ways to reset that?
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  • alles auf gold? :(

    Hallo liebe Community, vor einiger Zeit war ich in einer Hackerlobby. Ich habe nicht wie alle erwarten einen VAC-ban bekommen sonder habe wenn ich mit einer Waffe nur 1 Punkt mache diese sofort auf Gold. Dies ist ziem...
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  • Hey isn't black ops 2 just a great game.

    I think it has good guns,really good maps and also good graphics am I right. Benji090 NM156superadminadminp00ter71KittySparkles
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  • Call Of Duty: Elite Custom Classes

    I reached Prestige 20 level 80 at the start of this month (August) and while checking Elite I like to change my classes about. Ever since I got to prestige 20 my custom classes on Elite have not updated from the defau...
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  • mw3 boosting,vac ban

    Dear Mw3 Support,      I was banned 256 days ago, i only used hack for boost, I've even used this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD3-ifgnlqo, but i banned permanently, i read Banning Policy and ...
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  • MW3 broken text problem

    Evrything works fine,i can play with no problem but the texts are glitchy...so i cant understand anything out of the story ..i cant know who i am...i cant even know where i am or what weapon am i picking or what's the...
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  • Invisible glitch

    Please fix that.   More and more are doing that glitch that make you invisible, and immortal.   That's clearly a cheating glitch exploit.   Hopefully, Someone will hear.
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  • Can't join any lobbies in Black Ops 1?

    Hi everyone! I like to play online on Black Ops 1 for my ps3. I usually play TDM, Mercenary, or capture the flag. I've always been able to play online very easily, but just recently, I can't join lobbies anymore? ...
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  • How do I setup my 360 gamepad with COD3 on windows 8.1

    I can't find any info on hooking up my gamepad ???
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  • help cant leave clan!!!!:/

    im in o5Gz clan and i cant get out! im trying to join TWARK TEAM clan! is there any way! please it getting me mad
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  • When I try update the newest software. It says Error 80029564

    It requests that I contact tech support for this problem.. But I dont know which tech support its referring to... I cant play online without this update   Is this error 80029564 due to COD or my Playstation?? or...
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  • cant sign in to my account

    Cant sign in to my cod account
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  • Can't play online from time to time

    Hello, I want to say that the call of duty server is not fully operational. From time to time I am able to connect but disconnects me for 5 minutes later or trying to play a game in the lobby, and my wifi box is next ...
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  • invisible, God mod etc...

    all lobby are modded, impossible to play correctly, you know this problem since long time, report cheaters have no effect( you never ban them) Could we expect a patch or is it something we just have to accept? Ple...
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  • COD Ghost wont find game

    COD Ghost wont find game, I'm connect with an Ethernet cable and my NAT is open. I have tried just about everything. A few days last week it work perfect, then it went back to not working Saturday.  My PS3 user n...
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  • Try to ban people with god mode

    Everyone in the community try to list as much people as we can to ban all this players from messing with the game. hopefully admits will watch this topic or lock it down to keep naming gamertags so try to post gamer...
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  • I cannot connect to the online services of MW3, please help! (PS3)

    For the entire day now, I wasnt able to connect to the online services of MW3. Friends of mine are experiencing the same problem. Please fix this. I miss shooting people lol.   P.S: I did check everything relati...
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  • Elite clan titles not unlocking????

    hey guys,                    my clan is a level 22 right now, and under my call signs the gryphon clan title is not unlocked, but if...
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  • Advanced Warfare

    Evertime I hit find match on multiplayer or exo survival the game freezes. Any ideas?
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