• Down to one bar online

    For some reason am down to one bar a lot. I've got the ps3 plugged in and Internet is good. What can I do
  • Dedicated server problems. Please help!

    Guys,   Please help whit this problem!   Server version and client version wrong can not play on my server? I was looking for right version servers files but can't find them or they not working.   St...
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  • Console Banned for 4397 days?

    Ok, so I was playing MW3 and suddenly I received this following message:   "ERROR   This console has ben temporarily banned from playing on the Call of Duty: MW3 servers. For more information, visit http:/...
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  • Brand New MW3 / 360.... disk unreadable...sigh

    So I finally get around to MW3/buying a new 360 slim...The system can't read NEW MW3  but can read scratched and beaten MW1/Halo 2 give me a break.... How do I go about get (better be free) replacement?
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  • Reliable Command Buffer Overflow???

    In the single-player campaing in the same spot I get an error that says "Reliable Command Buffer Overflow".  Any Ideas???
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  • Error Code:3452or3404

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  • I have a problem with installing free Face Off maps (Aground and Erosion) in my MW3 for PS3. HELP!!!

    I have MW3 and I want to download Aground and Erosion, but the problem is that I have downloaded all the packs with different BLES codes and no one worked. I dont know what to do. The code in the spine of my MW3 box s...
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  • My god is MW3 laggy

    So I played MW3 for the first time in 2-3 years and holy crap that game has gotten laggy. It used to be fine what the heck happened?
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  • Is there a way to play my collection packs from my situation? Help me please

    I have bought collection pack 2 and 3 from japan store. Then It didn't appear because my cd was from korea. So I have asked activision agent three time asked sony entertainment for two time and when I called the perso...
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  • Directx encountered an unrecoverable error?

    I bought mw3 from steam a while back, and ever since, whenever i try to open it, i get a message that says "mw3 did not close properly last time. Do you want to run it in safe mode?" i click yes, then the screen start...
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  • Call of Duty Elite problem

    Hello, I recently signed up for call of duty elite, when i go on it and click a link e.g: Black ops playercard, MW3 playercard, etc.   I get redirected to this link: https://elite.callofduty.com/news/xbox?redire...
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    Invisibility. This game was so good now its horrible
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  • Hardened edition/founder status codes dont work

    I just bought MW3 Hardened edition brand spanken new and none of the Codes work. No DLC, nothing?
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  • How to get Open NAT type

    Hi, today i went to my MW3 in ps3 and my NAT type was Strict, i coudnt go to parties etc.. is there any solution to put my NAT type on Open?   Thanks
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  • [PC] Verbindung zum Host kann nicht hergestellt werden/verloren

    Hallo zusammen,   ich hab folgendes Problem speziell beim Notebook von meiner Freundin:   Wenn ich z.B. ein Privates Match aufmach, und sie dann beitreten will, kommt bei ihr oft die Meldung "Verbindung zu...
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  • Can't run MW3 on Mac

    I purchased MW3 through steam, have been playing it for a while on windows (which is installed on a macbook pro). On Mac OS (same macbook), in store page (steam app) I click on "Play now" button but there is a pop-up ...
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  • what should i do for making my account 100%

    i have call of duty elite account but it is 90 % complete i have filled all the deetail and also linked account of psn, facebook and youtube but it say your profile is 90 % complete so what should i do to make it 100 ...
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  • Account Got 'Switched'

    Hey, so my problem is on Modern Warfare 3, I logged onto my Xbox 360 and got into a game of Team Deathmatch, then I realised I was on my brother's account (prestige 1, level 10). So then I immediately switched to my a...
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  • Use cheats

    Please zabante this man because he cheater
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