Alright Soldiers,

I'm going to be straight with you. The Axis are hammering us out there; we have widely underestimated their fighting abilities. If we don't start getting into shape, they may very well consume us. However, we are not yet losing ground. Evidence abounds of Allied soldiers on all fronts standing up to the forces against them and leading their men to victory. We must hold tight to these heroes, for they are our saviors.


The Banzai Bachelors

Excerpt from an officer's diary about his soldiers in the field:

Things sure have changed since the Great War. A lot of these kids think their time out here in the jungle is just a big game, another one of their parties from back home that they've brought out here in the battlefield. Maybe it's just a means to escape this grim reality, but there's one thing I can't deny them, and that's their heart and their guts, standing up so bravely against an enemy in foreign terrain. They've learned to steal the home advantage away from the Japanese by cutting them from their senses, blinding them in their caves with flares and then shooting down the dazzled enemies one shot at a time with pinpoint accuracy. Drinking day and night, on and off the battlefield, they utilize the previous night's bottles as weapons, laying fire to the jungle floor after blinding their victims.

Weapons Loadout
Primary Weapon: M1 Garand
Primary Grenade: Molotov Cocktail
Special Grenade: Signal Flares
Perk 1: Special Grenades x3
Perk 2: Shades
Perk 3: Toss Back

  • The caves of Banzai form a crucial junction between the outer sections of the map, meaning that in all game types you can expect a lot of traffic within them. Use Signal Flares to blind and distract enemy soldiers and then pepper them with bullets as the Shades perk keeps the light from your eyes.
  • Enemies tend to panic when a bright flash of light explodes nearby. Toss Back ensures that grenades thrown in your direction don't blow up in your hand.
  • Banzai is designed with both short and long range environments, and it's unrealistic to remain in the caves when the situation calls for you to be out in the field. Equip the M1 Garand for high accuracy in the outdoors; it's rate of fire will still allow sharp players to tag multiple enemies after blinding them with a signal flare.


The Sub Pens SaintRadio transmission from our forces in the Pacific:The tight corners and high action in the Japanese submarine pens have wrecked the nerves of many soldiers. The enemy fiercely defends their territory, blasting back our men's advance with an onslaught of explosives and machine gun fire, but we're determined to beat them at their game of cat and mouse. A sole hero has risen up to the occasion to help us beat back the Imperial Army. Our hero is both silent and quick, cautious to avoid unnecessary fire while equipped to engage in ferocious attacks. Trained to be accurate in a pinch, our angel is rarely caught off guard when turning a corner. In locations with dense enemy movement, the Saint's smoke bombs obscures vision, allowing for an offense under the massive smoke screen, or in the case of an enemy plane, a quick getaway.Weapons Loadout
Primary Weapon: Thompson w/ Silencer
Primary Grenade: Fragmentation Grenade
Special Grenade: Smoke Grenade
Perk 1: Bomb Squad
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand
Perk 3: Steady Aim

  • Experienced players will often wait for you to run low on ammo, launching an attack at the moment you're forced to reload, leaving you defenseless and defeated. Sleight of Hand significantly cuts your downtime and in longer firefights ensures that you can keep up a steady rate of fire.
  • The sharp corners of Sub Pens present the enemy plenty of ripe locations for their Bouncing Betties. With Steady Aim and Sleight of Hand, mobile tactics are preferred to stationary ones, and Bomb Squad helps keep you from losing your legs while running from one location to another.
  • With Sleight of Hand, you'll find that your ammo reserves deplete rather quickly. Keep an eye out for enemy weapons to prevent getting caught in a corner with nothing but your pistol. Just make sure the area is clear before running ahead and picking something up.

The Corrosion CondemnerInterception of a German radio transmission on the eastern lines:The Russians have gone mad with anger as we push further eastward into their homeland. They fight with the ferocity of demons and the liquor in their veins keeps the freezing air from numbing their trigger finger. With an iron will, they fight until their very last breath, resisting our offensive with every ounce of strength. The men are beginning to talk rumors of a juggernaut in their midst, a soldier so bloodthirsty and battle hardened that our ammunition seems to have no effect, only fueling his rage until he either kills every last one of us or dies trying. This is going to be a very long winter.Weapons Loadout
Primary Weapon: PPSh-41 w/ Drum Magazine
Primary Grenade: Molotov Cocktail
Special Grenade: Tabun Gas Grenade Perk 1: Primary Grenades x2
Perk 2: Juggernaut
Perk 3: Second Chance

  • With Juggernaut and Second Chance equipped, your enemies will become furious in their attempts to take you down. This character is perfectly suited toward a defensive role in games like Domination and Capture the Flag.
  • The PPSh-41, with its extreme rate of fire, is great for tagging enemies around corners before they have the chance to return fire.
  • An additional Molotov Cocktail, in addition to your Tabun Gas Grenade, provides wonderful defensive aid in that they can cut off potential entryways for invading soldiers.