Reconnaissance has picked up intel that enemy soldiers are terrorizing our troops in the latest June battles. These ruthless villains are outfitting themselves to match the new terrains and we highly recommend that all new recruits study their tactics and suit up accordingly.


The Banzai Butcher

A transmission intercepted from a Japanese radio to HQ:

Deep in the jungles of our most contested territory, we have deployed a predator that thrives in the land’s lush killing fields. Specialized for speed and delivering death from a distance, he has been dubbed by the American forces as the Banzai Butcher. He prefers the power of the American BAR to kill with sharp efficiency, racing from one area to the next and never staying in one spot for too long a time, leaving an explosive surprise for anyone foolish enough to try and track him down. Those who claim to have seen him and lived to talk about it have begun spreading rumors of a lingering Oni spirit haunting the jungle battleground.

Weapons Loadout
Primary Weapon: BAR
Primary Grenade: Fragmentation Grenade
Secondary Grenade: Tabun Gas Grenade
Perk 1: Bouncing Betty x2
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning


  • The BAR is the perfect weapon for Banzai’s wide canyon, long roads, and deep caverns. Its range can neutralize soldiers at a distance and Stopping Power ensures they don't live long enough to return fire.
  • There is a lot of ground to cover in Banzai, so if you want to get to where the action is, and get there quickly, you have to have Extreme Conditioning.
  • Banzai has many paths to take, but most soldiers aren’t that imaginative. The caves along the side are almost always filled with troops; plant some Bouncing Betties here to obtain a few easy kills.


The Sub Pens SinnerExcerpt from an American soldier's journal:The monsoon rains have trapped us in these Sub Pens, side-by-side with the enemy. In the dizzying chaos of these subterranean bunkers, we have witnessed the unbridled brutality that fuels the enemies’ hearts. Hell itself has risen up and possessed the Japanese soldiers with a rage that has purged their fear of death. Their most lethal gunners are equipped with the Russians’ deadly DP-28 and they have armed themselves to the teeth with grenades. They use their explosives to quickly dismantle our squads and then in the chaos of the blast, their DP-28s tear through our boys as the smoke clears. Even in their deaths, they slaughter our comrades. With their last breath, these devils blow themselves up, killing anyone around them.Weapons Loadout
Primary Weapon: DP-28 w/ Bipod
Primary Grenade: Fragmentation Grenade
Secondary Grenade: Tabun Gas Grenade
Perk 1: Primary Grenades x2
Perk 2: Double Tap
Perk 3: Martyrdom

  • The DP-28 is a diamond in the rough that, for some reason, most players choose to pass over. For Sub-Pens, a lot of soldiers will either choose a Thompson or MP-40 to use. However, the elongated nature of the map and its open areas mean that any weapon with a bit of range can quickly trump a SMG. The DP-28 has light recoil for an MG, incredible power, and a large clip to empty out a room of crouching enemies. One downside is that it only carries two clips; however in the Sub Pens you can always find dropped weapons to pick up.
  • Enemies are quick and ferocious in Sub Pens, which is why you want to take them out as quickly as possible when they are in your sights. Use Double Tap to eliminate your target with speed.
  • Not every kill has to be honorable. Use Martyrdom to willingly share your death with others. Sub-Pens can get quite chaotic, distracting soldiers from paying attention to things like dropped grenades.

The Corrosion MephistoExcerpt from German Propaganda:Hope is not lost! Reports from the Eastern front have relayed intel of a Werhmacht hero deft enough to stop the Soviet forces. Armed with a silenced MP40, this elite soldier is able to weave in and out of the Soviet train yards and neutralize enemy forces without ever giving up his location. In rare circumstances, when the enemy discovers our heroic soldier, he is equipped with all the right tools to secure his getaway. The Soviet’s have learned to fear his presence, but still find themselves easy fodder under the iron sights of his weapon.Weapons Loadout
Primary Weapon: MP40 w/ Silencer
Primary Grenade: Fragmentation Grenade
Secondary Grenade: Signal Flare
Perk 1: Special Grenades x3
Perk 2: Camouflage
Perk 3: Dead Silence

  • With the MP40 and Silencer combination, your enemy will hit the ground before they ever knew you were there. Get in close and take out the enemy quickly and efficiently.
  • Dead Silence and Camouflage will make sure that the enemy never sees or hears you coming. Use both of these perks to remain under the radar.
  • If you ever do get caught and find yourself in a losing situation, use your Signal Flares to blind your enemy and create an escape.