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Listen up, Marines!

Our victory in Midway has opened the door to an offensive in the Pacific. However, we cannot simply strike at the heart of the Empire. The Imperial forces have heavily fortified and garrisoned the islands in the Southern Pacific; an attempt to assault Japan directly would result in utter defeat.

Instead, we must first assault the island defenses. Our boys in the Sub Pens are helping to alleviate pressure from the Imperial Navy, while our objective will take us directly onto the beaches and into the jungles of the Pacific. This is our chance to turn the tide of battle against the Japanese, forcing them out of their expansive ambitions and into a defensive position.

We have been assigned under Task One, an initiative to capture the Southern Solomon Islands of Guadalcanal, Tulagi and Florida, alongside MacArthur's offensive against New Guinea to the west. As our naval forces combat the Japanese at sea, transports will carry the Marines in an amphibious assault on the island. Aerial and naval support will be available to help soften up your landing, but it is ultimately up to you and your fellow Marines to topple and occupy their defenses. Securing Guadalcanal will not only prevent the Japanese from further interrupting our supply lines from Australia and New Zealand, but also help to establish a strong foothold toward our main goal of Japan.

Keep in mind that the Japanese troops you are fighting against will not capitulate under any circumstance. We're not sure just how much resistance we'll encounter after landing on the islands, but upon witnessing our first major offensive into the Pacific, the Japanese will surely respond in force.

Every single Marine matters to the success of this operation, and to ensure your survival in foreign terrain, we have outlined several strategies to apply once the fighting begins. These may not help you avoid Malaria, but when facing enemy soldiers, these tactics prove invaluable.

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Banzai Jungle Tactics

  • The jungle terrain of Banzai provides plenty of cover for enemy soldiers to fire away at troops running recklessly from one point to the next. When relocating to a new area, observe patience and use the obstacles and housing around to cover your movement. Sprint when you need to run through open spaces, and if you hear gunshots, find the nearest available cover; attempting to stop and sight the shooter while in the open will most always result in your demise.
  • When defending an objective in the caverns, enemy soldiers have a slight advantage under the cover of darkness, usually giving them a second's lead to attack incoming soldiers. When assaulting the caves, cook a grenade in your hand for a solid three-count and toss it inside before entering. Present enemy soldiers will either get caught in the explosion or relocate to avoid taking damage, giving up their position and making them an easier target. You can couple this with Signal Flares to further distract the enemy.
  • Due to Banzai's large size, it's difficult to enter battle with an ideal weapon for every location within the map. You can settle this immediately using Overkill, equipping an SMG for close quarters fighting and a rifle or machinegun for long range battles, or choose to cover a specific area, creating a loadout most suited to combat there.
  • As much as we all love scoring hits with Bouncing Betties, consider equipping Bomb Squad to avoid getting killed when assaulting an enemy objective. Due to the suspenseful nature of the map, the distraction of looking for them manually can often give your enemy the lead in a fight.

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