It’s time for all troops to rally around and meet the talented men and women that helped bring this game to life. We are going to kick off our ongoing series of developer interviews with Call of Duty: WaW’s audio director, Brian Tuey.

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Brian Tuey, Audio Director


Favorite Aspect

Nazi Zombies…mainly because there is so much creative energy around this…everything is stylized, so there is a lot of freedom to create (even if the deadlines are really tight). It’s also pretty challenging since everything has to be built from the ground up, especially on the sound side.


What do you love about working with Treyarch and Call of Duty: WaW specifically?

Treyarch rocks! There are lots of really talented, passionate people in every department. Communication is great, our team has great drive, and we care about our games and our fans. I’m excited not only about this map pack, but what the future holds for us.

COD rocks because it has become such an epic franchise. The intensity level while playing is through the roof --- it’s great to contribute to that.

This is what you get into games to work on. The best of the best.


How did you get into the gaming industry?

I joined the industry in 1999 as a Jr. Game Designer working on kid’s titles. I got the job by replying to a seven month old ad on some random website. Luckily, they were still hiring. Unluckily, it was to work on a Barbie game. Oh well, gotta start somewhere.

Fun/interesting experiences in development of CoD: WaW?

We were recording my dog in our internal VO booth during development for our dog sounds. He’s a giant pit-bull named Brutus (he clocks in at about 90 pounds). He’s really smart and can do all kinds of tricks if I coax him enough. So, we were trying to get little whiny sounds recorded for “pain” sounds. Obviously, I’m not about to hurt my dog, but I discovered not long ago that if I hold up a treat and ask him to “meow”, he’ll whine a lot. Usually.

So, I’m in the voice booth on my hands and knees, begging my 90-pound monster of a Pit Bull to “meow”. I turned around and staring at me through the glass were about 20 cameras and lots of peering faces.

Yeah, it was time to do the audio interviews with the worldwide press.

So much for first impressions.


Are there any Easter eggs in Map Pack 2 you wouldn’t mind sharing with us?

Let’s see…yeah

Music. You had to flush the toilet 3 times in Verruckt to get the full version of the Nacht der Oten death song (Lullaby of a Dead Man). If I had to guess, there’s probably another track in Shi No Numa if you look around hard enough. And if I really had to guess, I might even say that it may be based on the Death song from Verruckt. If I were one for conspiracy theories, I might see a pattern there.