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Fall in troops!

The battle in the Pacific is really starting to heat up, which means it's time to revaluate our current strategies. The thick vegetation and winding layout of Banzai is leading many of our comrades to rush head first into the enemies' front lines. Our War Room back at HQ has come up with some helpful tips to make sure that you act like a member of the US Army and not the Salvation Army. Remember, you are there to eliminate the enemy, not offer charity to their desires of a high kill count! Below we have outlined some of the maps most treacherous hotspots and detailed how to navigate through or around them.

Hotspot 1 – The Bridge


The bridge may be the quickest way from point A to point B, but it's usually also the quickest way to get yourself killed. Running haphazardly through the crates and obstacles on the bridge is a great way to get picked off by snipers or get torn apart by enemies lying prone with MGs. On the other hand, lying prone with an MG at either end of the bridge or occupying one of the shacks behind the bridge with a sniper rifle, is a great way to take out the hopeless recruits who run across the bridge as if it were an assembly line. It's up to you to decide whether you want to be the hunter or its prey.

Hotspot 2 – The Falls


The falls dominate the northern part of Banzai and might be the maps greatest hotspot in terms of the traffic that passes through. Players smart enough to avoid the guarded bridge often make a b-line for the falls' caverns in hopes of sneaking behind the enemy. The problem with this strategy is that everyone and their mother is thinking the same thing. You are almost guaranteed to run into the enemy while traveling through here, which means that you better damn well be prepared for confrontation. If you can, set up Bouncing Betties in the caverns for some easy kills, but keep an eye out for soldiers waiting at each side entrance trying to pick off those inside the caves. If you spot multiple enemies within the caves, throw down a special grenade to make your get-a-away. Tabun Gas and Signal Flares work particularly well in these tight quarters. Smart soldiers will try to avoid crossing through the entire cavern and instead enter the cavern then make their way outside the Falls and head back in on the opposite side. Taking this path avoids the center of the cavern, where most soldiers fall, and can help you sneak up behind soldiers running through the center.


Hotspot 3 – The Ravine

Not much in terms of Objectives happens in the ravine, which makes its deep and wide paths a good way to cross the map without having to deal with the sniper fire of the opposing bases or the dangers of the cavern. Use the ravine to get to the places you need to go, but never stay in its valley for too long. The ravine has little cover, so if any soldiers sticks around, they will certainly become fodder to enemies passing through the falls.


Hotspot 4 – The Eastern Compound

On the eastern side of the map is a Japanese compound filled with vacant barracks and offices. A wide road goes through the center and becomes a deadly gauntlet when enemy troops occupy the buildings. Therefore, it's best to stick to the walls and try to navigate through the buildings. Enemies often hide out in the buildings, so it is a good idea to toss in a grenade to either kill them or at least throw them off their game. For soldiers who favor sniping, the empty houses near the bridge provide a decent viewpoint and solid cover for the southern portion of the map.


Hotspot 5 – The Ruins

If you travel through the caverns a lot, than you will certainly learn to hate these elevated ruins. Devious foes often camp on the higher levels to ambush players that are exiting the caves. The ruins give players camping behind their cover a distinct advantage over players below. If you are coming out of the caverns and have a grenade to spare, you can toss it up onto the ruins' platform to scatter any of its snipers. Otherwise, it may be best to avoid passing by this death trap.


Hotspot 6 – The Western Base

The western base is far more compact than the eastern compound and is closely connected to two heavily used pathways: the bridge and the falls. The great thing about this base is that it can be defended easily. Set up barricades at the far right and the far left to guard both the bridge and the entrance to the caverns. The building near the bridge is especially excellent for snipers and the elevated ledge near the caverns is great for ambushing the enemy with an SMG. Alternatively, if you are looking to attack the western base, the best bet is to head into the ravine and progress up the incline at the southern most point of map. Soldiers typically ignore this entry point, and it can offer quick access to the center of the base – just be sure to watch out for Bouncing Betties!


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