Our recon team out in the field has finally started to get new information about the latest Zombie infestation. We’ve pinpointed the location to be an old factory called Der Riese. Most of the recon team was slaughtered, and we were only able to receive this one image of the carnage going on at Der Riese.

Troops, study this desktop background carefully, as we’ll need as much preparation as possible to fend off the legions of zombies. The good news is that it seems like there are new technologies at the factory that we should be able to take advantage of. Hopefully they will help us with the bad news: that the zombie population seems to be increasing, and the hell hounds are back. It’s been confirmed, the hell hounds are back.

If you can hold the zombies off long enough, you’ll allow our troops to take advantage of new data we’ve collected in our never-ending fight against the undead. We’re announcing the new Zombie Leaderboards on the homepage of codwaw.com. These boards show who’s top gun in Zombie kills, gibs, rounds, points, revives, and perks. Then HQ will know who are the greatest supporters of the cause.

Remember, you have to be registered on codwaw.com and have a linked account to take full advantage of the stats information in your Dossier.

So download the desktop background, kill some zombies, and climb the leaderboards!