The machine gun warfare that dominated World War I left American forces with the cold realization that their weapons stockpile was quickly reaching obsolescence. The military only carried a handful of antiqued machine guns at their disposal and quickly needed to start mass-producing more modern and efficient machine guns, designed specifically for this new age of war.

In 1917, John Moses Browning completed his preliminary designs for an all-new automatic rifle, which would later become known as the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle, or simply the BAR. John Browning brought his modern rifle to Washington D.C. where he wowed Congressmen, Senators, and military officials in a live demonstration. The U.S. government quickly adopted the rifle and began its mass production for use in World War I. Though it only saw combat in the final months of the war, the BAR would go on to play a pivotal role in World War II.

In combat, the BAR was designed for advancing infantry on the front lines. The gun was to be slung over the soldier and fired from the hip, which was supposedly ideal for clearing out trenches. In reality however, soldiers often attached a bipod to the end of the BAR and used the rifle as a light machine gun. The original BAR remains to be the lightest machine gun to fire .30-06 Springfield cartridges, but its standard capacity of a 20-round magazine limits the gun's use as a MG on the battlefield.


Tips for the BAR

  • Take a hint from its name and practice using the BAR as a rifle more than a machine gun. The BAR's recoil makes sustained fire unwieldy, but in short controlled bursts, the rifle is like Death's personal courier.
  • Combined with the Bipod attachment, the BAR has the range and accuracy you are looking for. The BAR can be excellent at shooting down mid to long range targets and its larger magazine size gives it an added bonus over most rifles.
  • In Zombie matches, the BAR really comes to life with its heavy stopping abilities. The weapon's long range and power can keep the zombies at bay with only a limited amount of ammunition spent, and its decent magazine size means that it can take the zombies down at close range much more quickly than other rifles.

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