Fall in troops!

Our recon planes surveying the new fronts have just sent back overheads of a new battlefield known as Breach. The planes found this hotspot while flying through the treacherous German skies over Berlin. We haven't been able to get much intel on the location, but what we know isn't sounding good.



You musn't let the simplicity of Breach's schematic fool you, this map has some deadly tricks up its sleeve. Breach dominates the streets around the Brandenburg Gate and is lined with bombed out buildings and storefronts. Stay in the street for too long and you may find yourself fodder for those waiting in the wings. Use this hollowed buildings to your advantage, however, and you may be able to flush out the enemy.


Back at HQ, we are thinking that soldiers favoring close quarters combat may be able to rack up kills while weaving in and out of the buildings, but some Bouncing Betties may put an end to that notion. We need your input. What are your thoughts on Breach and the proper course of action for an attack?

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