Time to gather round, soldiers!


A new battle zone has opened up near Breslau, Germany, and this one is like nothing we've ever seen before. You may think of yourself as the ultimate zombie slayer, but once you enter Der Riese, you're nothing more than an entrée in flight. Take what you know about Shi No Numa and Verrückt and prepare to learn a few more lessons as you emerge yourself into this hellish death trap. The zombies in Der Riese are faster, fiercer, and just waiting for some fresh meat to chew on.

Now that we've scared you half to death, it's time to listen up. We've got some tips for you recruits that we've managed to collect from the soldiers who've somehow managed to make it back home.

Before discussing the specifics of Der Riese, we at HQ feel that we should first review the basics:

  • Some of you out there seem to suffer from severe short-term memory or have simply chosen to ignore the sage wisdom of our Shi No Numa report; regardless, we'll repeat: COMMUNICATE! Without communication you can be sure that the ravenous zombies will be dining on your marrow in no time. When you think it's time to move, if you're getting overrun, even when you're reloading during a particularly heavy onslaught; communicate everything to avoid confusing your teammates and losing cohesion.
  • Stick together at all times! You have a much better chance of keeping a zombie off your back if you have a comrade watching it. Don't try and be a hero. When moving to a new area, regardless of which direction you choose to take, find an easily defendable area and have the entire team hole up there until it's safe to move again. Take note that when defending an area, the tighter the formation of the group, the better. More often than not, greedy soldiers that try to attack too far ahead in hopes of gaining more points end up getting swarmed and dying.
  • If you can at least remember these two basic principles, then maybe your squad can survive long enough to see Der Riese truly come to life.
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Your first objective when starting Der Riese should be to rack up points to venture to the outer wings of the facility. In the beginning rounds, let the zombies come toward your assigned window and allow them to knock out some boards. Pelt them with a few bullets, finish them with the knife, and then repair your window before the next arrives. Repeat. This allows for maximum point allocation before the tide of zombies becomes too frantic.

After going through a few rounds in the starter area comes your first decision. You can either go right (when facing the mainframe) to open a gate leading toward the Animal Testing Lab, or left to open a gate leading toward the Hanger. Keep in mind that either choice requires a second door to be opened to actually get into the Lab or Hanger.

What this decision boils down to for most teams is where they feel comfortable, and whether they'd like to first grab the Thompson or the Trench Gun, the Thompson being in the Hanger and the Trench Gun waiting in the lab.

From either of these locations, your next goal is to reach the street leading toward Teleporter C. Here your team will find several important items. But before discussing them, heed these words. Do not open the door leading toward Teleporter C! Until about round nine or ten, this is a great place to defend and rack up much needed points for the vital upgrading processes that will follow.

On the back of the generator here, you will find the power, which when activated will lower the bridge above you and activate the level's Perks-a-Cola machines. The switch to the right of the archway midway through the street activates an electric barrier, a very handy tool for those times when the horde's numbers become too overwhelming. And lastly, but definitely not least, the Mystery Box. You know what to do.

Back up to the end of the street and start shooting away at the onslaught of zombies, utilizing the same tactic when dogs appear and gambling the Mystery Box when points allow.

By this point you may start to notice some new items not seen in your previous zombie adventures. The new tools to be found in Der Riese are the Carpenter power-up, Bowie Knife, and Monkey Bomb.


The Carpenter power-up appears as a hammer, and is a great tool in the early rounds that can easily buy your squad some breathing room to recoup and regroup. As soon as a soldier touches the Carpenter power-up, all windows within Der Riese are instantly patched up and the zombie onslaught is temporarily slowed down.

Bowie Knife

The Bowie Knife is an all-new weapon found after opening the door leading to Teleporter C. Running a total of 3,000 points, the Bowie Knife is capable of delivering one-hit kills to zombies up through the early teen rounds and still manages to put a hurt on the higher-level ones. A soldier would do well to pick up one of these bad boys for those times when ammo is running low.

Monkey Bomb

Lastly is the Monkey Bomb. I'm not sure what sick psycho thought of this device, but I'd love to buy him a drink. Found in the Mystery Box, the Monkey Bomb attracts all the zombies in the vicinity with its incessant clapping and hypnotic song. Once the zombies have gotten close, the timer winds down and the Monkey Bomb detonates, bringing all those around him to hell in tiny, manageable bits. This weapon is mapped to your secondary grenades with a total of three held at a time, refilling with Max Ammo power-ups. Keep in mind that it takes several seconds to pull out the bomb and then throw it.

Before signing off, we'd like to leave you with this special note of advice. Der Riese is a large map. For the uninitiated, it can seem downright enormous. However, after several matches you will begin to understand its layout, and in no time it will become much more manageable. Recruits, be patient and ask for help if you're unsure of where to go or what to do. Veterans, if you're grouped up with a new player, remember this and help guide them through the steps. Getting upset at the greens only frustrates them, and they'll be less likely to watch your back when you slip up and get mauled.

We're still gathering intel, and reports of strange occurrences in the area are swarming in more and more every day. Keep posted for more details in the future.

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Over and out.