Listen up inmates,

We're doing our damnedest at finding a way to break you out of that madhouse, but it's slow going. Some of our guys have tried to fight through, but as expected we lost radio contact with them shortly after departure. Until we can get a hold of some heavy artillery, I'm sorry to say that you'll have to hold out on your own.

First things first, let's review some of the basics. Before you can hope to pull off anything fancy, you've got to have the tools to survive.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies - Verrückt Essentials

First, let's review the main differences between Verrückt on consoles and mobile Verrückt.

  1. You can not sprint.
  2. You can not crouch or go prone.
  3. Few teammates will have the ability to talk to one another.
  4. Your weapon has a very nice auto aim.

The first two differences really don't pose much of a problem. As long as you're aware of your surroundings at all times, you can move quickly enough to make an escape if you get trapped.An even smaller issue, the inability to crouch just means that you're going to have to be polite to one another and try not to get in each other's way. You can play nice, right?Because the game is played on the iPhone, you won't be talking with your teammates when playing online. This doesn't mean you can't communicate, however. When opening up new doorways, you can walk to your teammate to show them the new path. Designate specific doorways and windows for yourself and your teammate(s) will often take the hint and cover the remaining. Be more attentive and you'll soon find other ways to communicate.Lastly, and most importantly, you'll find your weapon's improved auto aim ability, outside of iron sights, a great boon to your survival. While aiming down the sights is still recommended for long distance and head shots, it's important to fire from the hip when you start to get surrounded. This increased hip firing ability alone makes the Trench Gun an absolute must until you near the tenth wave when zombies can take two blasts before going down.Verrückt Achievement GuideOpen Wide - Activate the dentist's chairDread going to the dentist every month? The doctor in this mad house most surely drilled more than just teeth. For a terrifying glimpse into Verrückt's dental practices, slice the side of the dentist's chair with your knife. The sound of a drill followed by a scream accompany your Achievement.The chair can be found in the spawn room with the Kar98K and Gewehr-43.Electro Shock Therapy - Kill 50 zombies with Electro-Shock BarriersAfter turning on the electricity upstairs, you can set traps by activating the electro-shock barriers in the doorways of the balcony. Hit the switch located by a rigged doorway and for the price of 1000 points an electric barrier will fry anything that tried to get through, including you and your teammates.You Got the Powah! - Activate the generatorYou're not going to get too far without turning on the electricity. Make your way upstairs and follow the signs to the power room. Be the first to flip the switch and this Achievement is yours.I'm Buzzing Baby! - Have all Perk-A-Colas at onceThis is best completed when you've got at least three players. Toward the fifth wave, you're going to want to start gathering Perks, but first the power has to be turned on and you've got to have the money to purchase them after equipping yourself with some decent weapons. A great time to run for Perks is toward the end of a round. Either cripple a zombie with a grenade or just leave a slow one lumbering around as you and your teammates search the asylum and purchase the Perks.

  • Double Tap Root Beer - 2000 points
  • Revive Soda - 1500 points
  • Speed Cola - 3000 points
  • Jugger-Nog - 2500 points

Das Ist Mein Haus - Opened up all the asylum areas

While you're busy running around drinking soda, open up any doors that have been left unlocked. This is best done with a group that needs the Achievement, as opening up every single door isn't often the best strategy.

Pass Me a Straight Jacket - Reach wave 5

Easy as pie.

Lock Me Up… - Reach wave 12

Join up with at least one other player for this Achievement. By the fifth or sixth round you should have a designated camp you can fall back to when the hordes start to thicken.

Throw Away the Key - Reach wave 20

This is going to take some practice and some luck. The practice part comes in finding a good team. Share points, help each other out, and designate several defense points for those times you start to get trapped. The luck part comes down to the Mystery Box. The Ray Gun and a Browning can make those teen waves go by a lot more smoothly. Look for choke points and have the majority of your team concentrate fire on them with one member designated to locking down any rear entry points.

And Stay Down! - Kill a zombie as it emerges from the ground

Neutralize the zombie before it can become a threat. When a cloud of black smoke erupts from the courtyard, look for the zombie pulling himself up from the ground and quickly shoot him down.

My Kind of Psychiatry - Survive 5 waves using only the flamethrower

Requiring the most luck out of any of the Achievements, this requires getting the flamethrower out of the Mystery Box and using it exclusively for five whole rounds. Obviously, the first requirement is that you get it, and this may take several matches. When you do get it, however, take note of how your team is doing. If your teammates are well equipped and you have a good, defendable position, then position yourself at an angle where your flames won't obscure the vision of your allies and soften the zombies up with flame as your teammates finish them off.

Good luck, soldiers. We wish you the best.

To download Verrückt for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you must get the latest update and then select New Maps within the CoDWaW: ZOMBIES app itself.