Listen up soldiers!

Our recon planes that were out in the field have finally returned to HQ, and with them arrives the final schematic for the new battlefields. In our hands is the overhead blueprint of Revolution, which suggests a large multi-tiered battlefield, broken into quadrants. Its combination of indoor and outdoor sections leaves a lot of room for strategy, and we're hoping all soldiers will plan accordingly.



Revolution is the largest battlefield to be discovered in these new territories. If you don't take the time to study its ins and outs than you may find yourself turning a corner right into the thick of the enemy's base. The upper catwalks of Revolution are all interconnected and provide excellent access to the map's four quadrants, but be careful, the enemy is most likely going to be rushing through these upper paths as well. The best soldiers will learn to use both the higher and lower grounds to sneak up on the enemy for the quick kill.


We're thinking that soldiers favoring long-range tactics may have a field day picking off the new recruits. What are your thoughts on Revolution and the proper course of action for an attack?

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