The PPSh-41 was one of the most mass produced weapons of its type in World War II. It operated with simple blowback action, used a box or drum magazine, and fired a 7.62x25mm pistol round. Made with metal stampings to ease production, its chrome-lined chamber and bore helped make the gun very low-maintenance in combat settings. The development of the PPSh-41 came partly from the Winter War against Finland, where it was discovered that submachine guns were a highly effective tool for close-quarters fighting in forests or built-up urban areas. The weapon was developed in mid-1941 and was produced in a network of factories in Moscow.

A few hundred weapons were produced in November 1941 and by spring 1942, the PPSh factories were producing roughly 3,000 units a day. The PPSh-41 was a classic example of a design adapted for mass production. Its parts, (excluding the barrel) could be produced by a relatively unskilled workforce with simple equipment available in an auto-repair garage or tin shop thus freeing up more skilled workers for other tasks.

In the field, the PPSh-41 was a durable, low-maintenance weapon that could fire 900 rounds per minute. The weapon had a crude compensator to lessen muzzle climb, and a hinged receiver that facilitated field-stripping and cleaning the bore in battle conditions. By the end of the war, over 6 million of these weapons had been produced. The Soviets would often equip whole regiments and entire divisions with the weapon, giving them unmatched short-range firepower.


Tips for the PPSh-41

  • This is a great weapon for close quarters combat. Utilize its low recoil and shoot from the hip to neutralize enemies within a short range. Excellent for urban warfare and tight spaces, the PPSh-41 is an ideal weapon for Corrosion and Sub Pens.
  • Utilizing a Round Drum, soldiers can hold tightly onto the trigger without the worry of running empty. For increased accuracy and ammo conservation, use the iron sight and fire short, controlled bursts.
  • During Zombie matches, the PPSh-41 has a great advantage over the handgun or rifle. With high stopping power and a high rate of fire, the PPSh-41 is deadly toward any undead. Just remember to shoot 'em in the head.


Now that you know how the Soviets handled this gun, it's time to see how you'll fair with it. Whether you are just picking it up for the first time or sharpening your already honed skills, head over to the Missions tab and enlist for the PPSh-41 challenge.

NOTE: Zombie kills do not count towards 150 kills needed for the PPSh-41 Mission