• Lost CoD WaW CD Key

    I lost my COD WAW CD key booklet where its typed only box and DVD is with me. Installation folder is still there in my D drive but i formatted my C drive to upgrade windows7 to windows10. If i request Activision to pr...
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  • cod waw pc beta key code?

    does anyone know how to get to the beta key code because i just downloaded waw and it is asking me for a beta key code and it says to go to callofduty.com/beta but that automatically takes you to the main site and i c...
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  • Can't Host Zombies matches

    When ever I try to host a Zombies game for me and my friend. no one including him can join. can someone help with why? we both bought the game through steam.
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  • Zombie Devmap codes

    Hey!! im new to the PC gaming community and i need some help working out the zombie devmap codes at the moment i can only play nacht der untoten i have the patches but the only one were i can apply cheats Eg. Give_al...
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  • CoD WaW co-op zombies problems need help

    when i join a zombie lobby with other players nothing goes wrong, i am able to talk to them in the lobby and it goes fine but when the game starts the loading screen show as always, but when the loading bar goes all t...
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  • PDE|ALL PLAYERS 2 |TDM - CoDWaW Is Still Alive!

    If you are tired of crouch servers or limited modded servers and you just want to play the game normal, then we have the servers for you! Join Our PDE|ALL PLAYERS 2 |TDM Server!   Features: -Open 24/7 (All Day...
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  • Solo/Co-op won't start

    hey everyone, I am having some problems with W@W i had installed this game yesterday and it worked fine everything was working but today after getting home from school i could not boot the single player and co-op m...
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  • slow down lag on mp, on computer

    Hi,   I noticed when I run CoD: WaW in 1920x1080 and play multiplayer I sometime get a bit of lag or slow down on my PC. I have not problems with other games at the same res.   PC Spec: CPU: Intel Core i...
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  • Activision account and waw questions

    Hi   I recently get back to waw and wanted to update it and registred but somehow i cant do any of this. I cant find patch dowlnoad section on cod and cod waw site, adn buton register game ask me to login but af...
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  • Call of Duty: World at War - demo problem! Skippy?

    When I play ingame I always do /record demoname at the start of each game and play with normal fps and no skipping whatsoever. However, when I go to play that demo via /demo demoname this happens:   http://www.y...
    created by Shankapotamus
  • Multiplayer Problem!!!!!!!!

    Hey there, I recently purchased WaW and everything was sweet. But, when I wanted to play online it told me to make an account and I was ok with that but after I made it, it told me to make it again and again and again...
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  • Old license code, cd broke, doomed?

    I got CoD WaW a long time ago. I wanted to install it, but the cd is broke. I still got the keycode, but it doesn't work if I download the game on steam? Can you please help me guys?
    created by Goijs
  • Unknown error (13:6)

    help!! i got the game today and everytime the game finishes installing, i load the game up and it gives me "Unknown error (13:6)" what does this mean?? how do i fix it? i really want to play Zombies for PC soon... any...
    created by Illegal_Churro
  • Help - Unhandled Exception Caught

    This is on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit This only happens whenever I try to change a setting within the game to where it asks me do I want to apply it, to where it would "restart" the game by itself. I bought...
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    WaW has stopped working for me online. i live on the east coast so i am believing it was hurricane sandy. WHEN WILL THE ONLINE BE BACK UP??!?!?!?! I JUST BOUGHT THE GAME 1 MONTH AGO!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
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  • Dedicated server not showing in master server list

    Hello everybody, I have a server cod5 for over 3 years, there is a month or two ago he no longer appear in the server list in game, I'm connecting through favorites but not by the master server list, simply stopped sh...
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  • DW profile create error 800-

    When i startup my WaW i see the message "Dw profile create error 800- 'BD_PROFILE_ALREADY_EXISTS_'  i've created many profiles, different names, even non sense names like as5d41a96 and it didnt work, i cant add m...
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  • Problem : Add friends to list & playing co-op

    Hi,   Me and my friends just bought the game. When we created our profile (with the good serial) we have an error 800. When we try to add each other to the friend list we have an error message saying that the fr...
    created by Nuglezz
  • Cant look for servers in co-op

    For some unkown reason, my pc suddenly refuses to search for servers in co-op. Up until last week, I’ve never had this problem.   MP works just fine, but when I try to find a co-op match, my pc is ALWAYS...
    created by Superbassie
  • Multiplayer!!

    hey guys i just bought this game yesterday and the campaign thing is awesome but when i tried to play in the multiplayer ,i couldn't find any games :S and i'm wondering, no one plays this game anymore or it has someth...
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