• Trouble with matchmaking got you down?

    A few people from my friends list have traded in WaW, saying that they have had enough with the match making problems.  I know I have sat in a lobby for over 15 minutes waiting to get into a game, but I'm not rea...
    Rabid Cat
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  • NON-HACKER Organized Matches Add Gamertag ApocalypticRick

    We are organizing private matches, add me to your friends list. My gamertag is ApocalypticRick. No hackers allowed. We're mainly ages 21+
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  • They stopped stats?

    That sucks.
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  • sniping=more rewarding gameplay

    for me i find sniper kills much more rewarding i can go like 14-12 sinping and have as much fun as going 30-8 with a sub anyone agree?
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  • Looking for clan

    Hey everybody im looking for a clan that i can join.. GamerTag: mickey g619 Stats Kills: 10,305 Deaths: 7,460 HeadShots: 1,026 K/D Ratio: 1.38 Kill Streak: 25 Win Streak: 17 Rank: Lieutenant General II - Lev...
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  • New Game Mode Ideas " Outbreak " &  " S&R "

    I was thinking about what they could do with a future update that would come with map pack 2/3, similar to what they did with zombies, and i had two ideas for game modes that incorporate zombies, the first is called. ...
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  • What up with all the bad players trying to start clans?

    I mean come on.. who's going to join a serious clan when you have guys with a 1.05 k/d and a neg win ratio are saying join my clan we are the best.. surely if you are the best your k/d will be 2-3+ and you will have a...
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  • Loss of Rank - Game Lobby locked

    Last night I was playing COD WAW Zombies when the game was disconnected as soon as it started. When i returned to the lobby my rank was reduced from 62 to 1 with minus 2 billion XP points. All of the live games are no...
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  • Those KSI Guys

    TROLL ALERT!!!!1!!!one!2 any1 else experienced their widespread terribleness? CoD4, CoD5, Halo, where they go, shame to all who are in a clan follows. wtf is their requirements? 10 and under? <1.00 KDR?
    The Authorities
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  • Le'Wigs

    I'm calling you out but I'm to lazy to type the reason for it. Carry on.
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  • We are World at War Website down

    Just FYI, the We Are World at War website is down for now, due to the fact that we EXCEEDED OUR BANDWIDTH! haha that means we had a hell of alot of traffic for a free site. It will only be down for a bit, as I have to...
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  • Was The DP28 Even In The Campaign?

    Seriously, was it AT ALL? I just played through the campaign once more and I never even seen one nor do I recall ever using one at all? Is it even there? If so, which level(s) is it one?
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  • When is the next Double Xp?

    they shud have it every weekend like bungie do for halo, dont ya think? and have a true skill rank as well,
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  • please add me to ur friends

    please add me to ur friends
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  • Was the hacker/cheating problem taken care of?

    I stopped playing WaW when those hackers started pouring in. Couple years later, I got a new account, and wondering if it would be a good idea to get WaW again. Is there still a cheating problem in the games? If so, I...
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  • I just got hacked. What do I do???

    I was just searching for a game of zombies, and it put into a lobby. It went to the loading screen, then it kicked me out to the main menu. When I went to multiplayer, it said I was a lvl 1 with -21479069 xp, and I ca...
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  • Type your Favorite Gun with your Elbow!

    Type your favorite gun with your elbow! Here is mine... strgb--44
    Airr Force 0ne
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  • Black Ops 2, PS3 Clan Recruiting!

    Join us today @ www.TacticalResponseTeam.com and get yourself in a clan today! Have a mic 15+ KDR dose not matter If you have skype its a plus, if not its ok
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  • All USA players that still play W@W regularly...

    If you still play W@W every now and then, and if you live in the USA (preferably east coast) and if you have good internet...   POST YOUR GAMERTAG.   I'll check this thread every now and then, if we can ge...
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  • This is Why Treyarch Doesn't Fix World at War

    There are thousands of threads going out there telling Treyarch to fix WaW, and this is one of them. IN EVERY SINGLE LOBBY there is at least one hacker, I have filed hundereds and hundereds and hundereds complaints ag...
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