• Singleplayer weapons

    i found some singleplayer weapons that should come to multiplayer   Sten Bren Lee enfield PMD-6 Select Fire PPS-42 Grease gun Panzerschreck Thermite
    created by PSNzombies
  • Killstreaks , Be HONEST

    Today i was playing the new MP2 map Corroision and went 48 - 5 - 3 getting a 29 killstreak in it with the FairGun40 ,Bomb Squad cause i dont camp, Stopping Power (Makes the Gun so Noobish) and steady aim . Im asking y...
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  • Why the aperture sight?

    I know that a videogame is never going to be 100% realistic, and in many ways, World at War is far from realistic. But, there is a certain extent of realism to the game, and one of those things is real weapons and wea...
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  • Awesome Clan Tags?!

    Everyone by now knows about the following: Red Grn Yelw Blue Cyan ,=,e     (Turtle) a`=`  (upside down turtle, not popular but i made it as a joke and thought it was kinda funny... ...
    Beep Its Sean
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  • Anyone ever play against the OHIO Clan?

    I'll give you a simple introduction: The MP40 complaint threads just keep coming, and everybody in each thread either flames each other, makes invalid arguments, or use one's stats against them. I, personally, do bel...
    Sgt. Mudkipz
    created by Sgt. Mudkipz
  • gamertags

    Anyone wants to face me my gamertag.
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    add LFCfinster if u want 2 get a high win streak. we can get a party of good players and OWN. by good i mean u get more kills then deaths . it would be nice to have a variety of player types e.g snipers and SMGers . i...
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  • Invisible?

    Ok, so today on Castle i was playing tdm when i saw something weird. I walked into the dojo and saw a red name and started shooting. I got the hit detection but no one was actually standing there. So i get knifed some...
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  • wow haven't seen the fourms so busy in...

    haven't seen this place so busy in a while. few days before MW2 then the numbers dropped like a lead weight from a plane. i wonder how this will develop as more of black op is uncovered.
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    Wouldn´t it be cool to have the opportunity to switch the HUD or HUD elements off in World at war? I´m sick of all this annoying crap poppin´up in the middle of my screen. It real...
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  • i would join a clan for co-op game modes

    i have waw and classic looking for clan to join
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  • problem with online cod waw xbox live

    hello I have a problem with cod waw I want to connect to xbox live but its not working and also the game told me not classify online interaction by the ESRB please help me
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  • cod

    Cod Waw?
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  • LOL Customer Service at its finest

    Daniel M: Activision Support reporting for duty! Daniel M: Can we start off with your gamertag/ PSN ID ? You: ah well this isn't for xbox or ps3... i play on the pc version You: but would be id: *removed for privacy* ...
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  • Hacher's in PS3

    U should in next games try to put 1 anti-hackers strongest then in CoD world at war 'cause in Ps3, have a lot of hackers
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  • A First Person View of Black Ops 2 Zombies!

    Here ya go  
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  • Want to be unbanned from Cod WAW

    Hey My  Bro Cussed online and got be banned>>>>>>>>>>>>>> is there a way i can get unbanned PLZ!
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  • search a team for playing zombie der reise ps3  add me romes911

    search a team for playing zombie der reise ps3  add me romes911
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  • cod waw

    have a problem I can not play the game online there is not always possible service online. I have original cd + key please help  
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