The Uprising DLC Map Pack will soon take you away from life's responsibilities again. Don't worry though, the Replacer has found some extra help.


Uprising includes four new Multiplayer maps (Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio), as well as the frightening new Zombies adventure, "Mob of the Dead.


The Revolution DLC Map Pack will take up a lot of your time soon. Luckily, the Replacer is here to solve all of your problems.


One of the most robust and diverse DLC offerings in Call of Duty history, Revolution includes four all-new Multiplayer maps, a new Zombies Co-Op map, a brand new Zombies game mode and a bonus Multiplayer weapon.

Gearing up for the midnight launch, gamers in Berlin celebrate with mini-tournaments, raffles, and developer signing sessions. Lead cinematics animator Adam Rosas is attending the festivities.

Fin prêts pour le lancement à minuit du jeu, les joueurs berlinois célèbrent l'occasion avec des mini-tournois, des tombolas et des séances d'autographes avec des développeurs. L'animateur des cinématiques en chef, Adam Rosas, s'est joint à la fête.


The Dutch are staying up and getting down in anticipation of tonight's Black Ops 2 midnight launch. Right now, in Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall, fans are counting down the minutes til midnight and Celebrity Battles are underway, along with special guests Dave Anthony, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Game Director, and Michael Rooker, actor/voice of Harper (below, right).


Ongoing BlackOps2 mini-tournaments, developer + VO-talent signing sessions, raffles, BlackOps2 presentations, midnight opening.

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Die Fans stehen schlange und sehen sich eine Gameplay-Übertragung an, bevor die Release-Party im Virgin Megastore in Paris startet. Der leitende Animator, Dominique Drozdz, gibt den Fans Autogramme.


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Fans wait in line and watch live gameplay before entering the launch party at the Virgin Megastore in Paris, France. Director of Animation, Dominique Drozdz, signs autographs for fans.



Les Australiens ont fait la queue pour acheter Call of Duty: Black Ops II ! Plus d'un millier de fans surexcités ont fait la queue devant EB Games Wetherill Park, à Sydney, pour mettre la main sur le jeu, mardi 13 novembre, à 00:01 heure locale. Plus de 350 boutiques à travers l'Australie ont ouvert leurs portes à minuit à l'occasion de la plus grosse sortie de l'année.

Down Under Cover


Aussies were in line to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops II! More than a thousand excited fans queued at EB Games Wetherill Park, Sydney to land their copy at 00:01 AET Tuesday 13 November, with over 350 additional stores across Australia also opening their doors at midnight to celebrate the biggest game release of the year.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 takes multiplayer to 2025! Experience it for yourself on November 13. Pre-order now and receive the bonus Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map!

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