• Want to play guitar hero 3?

    Add me on ps3 Nacho--98--- if you want to play Guitar Hero 3
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  • Battery peripheral given as microphone. . . please Help

    I wonder if any user or band hero guitar hero happens because sony since the battery upgrade to 4.70 now reads like microphone, is already a system error actualizen expect that again, I await your response thank you v...
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  • oh yeah

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  • Oiee

    como vcs estão? 
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  • incompatibility between Band Hero's Guitar and Guitar Hero 3

    Hi all, i have just bought band hero for ps2 and it's really a good game! However, i wanted more songs so i tried to use the band hero's Guitar with Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock, but for some reason the guitar cont...
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  • My Band Hero it's broken?

    Hi, I am Daxter, and I think my Band Hero it's broken...Well it starts when I buyed the all-pack Band Hero, so Guitar,MIcrophone,Drums and the game, it was awesome, I played for like 4 mouths and then I just place the...
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  • Guitar Hero Unique Owner ID

    Hey there,   I see I have got those unique owner id's on my manuals and I have read that you can use them to get GH : World tour songs for GH 5 but I can't do it for some reason? Can someone help me
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  • sharing dlc

    Would any of you be interested in sharing dlc? I'm on PS3 and I have a lot of dlc from WT, 5 and WoR   Add me on PS3 if interested - BabyJazz21
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  • Band Hero Unique Owner ID Puhleeze!  Tradesies!

    Looking for 'Band Hero' Wii owner ID.   I am offering up a 'Warriors of Rock' or 'World Tour' Wii ID.  Your pick!   PM Me Maybe?
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  • I can not download new songs from guitar hero world.....

    I can not download new songs from guitar hero world tour on x box 360, enter in the download screen, however the list of songs and albums is blank. If you have any tips thank you. Marcelo
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  • Que hacen?

    todo bien? que hay, la verdad me aburro u.u
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  • Ideas for a new Band Hero :)

    I would love it if they came out with a new Band Hero that includes all of Daughtry's hits, a couple of Adam Lambert songs, and Katy Perry! And I hope it will have Miley Cyrus' "Party In The USA" cuz I love that song!...
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  • Band Hero 2?

    Do you want a Band Hero2 / DJ Hero3/ Guitar hero 7?
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  • Swap Unique Owner ID - looking for Band Hero Wii Platform for trade for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

    I know I am SUPER BEHIND THE TIMES... I realize very fe2w people are still into these games... but, if there is ANYONE OUT THERE who is interested in swapping Unique Owner ID for Band Hero (Wii Platform) for Warriors ...
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  • Music-Based VideoGames

    Hi everyone,   Apologies if i have not posted in the correct section - I was unsure!   Anyway...   I am currently running a project looking at people's attitudes towards music-based video games. For...
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  • New to BAND HERO. How to...??

    Hi to every one, i bought BAND HERO today an i would like to downoload some songs. The music store is off...so...how can i download music??   if i go into psStore i see a lot o fguitar hero traks...but wich ar...
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  • New Community

    Not sure how I got here . But hope this is going in the right direction.
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