• for those who thought of it!!!!!!

    I honestly love playing Guitar Hero and DJ Hero even tho for some reason when i try to download more songs nothing comes up but regardless its still fun as can be. So i was thinking about it one day on a way to keep t...
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  • Does anybody play anymore?

    I have Dj Hero 1/2 on Xbox and Wii. I can't find anybody yet I can find a good amount of people in Guitar Hero
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  • Why can't Play with new songs?

    Nice game
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  • azs

    where can i play this games?? i already register here
  • What to do

    Why isn't there going to be a DJ HERO 3 I've finished DJ HERO 1 and 2 so what do I do and no not COD I hate that game.
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  • Music-Based VideoGames

    Hi everyone,   Apologies if i have not posted in the correct section - I was unsure!   Anyway...   I am currently running a project looking at people's attitudes towards music-based video games. For...
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  • Guess I'll start something....

    Welp, seeing that Activision's completely shut off all DJ Hero future DLC + games, it's pretty much fallen in the path of Band Hero, it unfortunately failed to be "successful" in the eyes of Activision so they canned ...
    created by maxninja09