• help

    can you download the packs anymore for the playstation 3? i have legends of rock GH3   any help would be appreciated   thanks
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  • How about a guitar hero: blues edition?

    I would love to one of these made. Guitar blues featuring artists like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendricks. Who agrees?
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  • Guitar Hero 7 Setlist

    If we get Guitar Hero 7, it needs a Quest AND Career Mode. We also need to save replays (with or without the HUD and fretboard) to upload to Youtube, and have Guitar Battles in Career Mode again.   1. Highschool...
  • When will the other new guitar hero ?

    as everyone knows guitar hero guitar hero ad warriors of rock will be the last but then said he was not finished but I want to know when a new one comes out that the series is very good and I want to leave another
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  • Guitar Hero Community Developments

    Is there a projected timeline (that anyone may legally share) with respect to when people should look for developments as far the content of this site is concerned?
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  • GH3 Stats

    Hey, this is probably a really stupid question, but: I saw something about being able to check GH3 stats online, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to do that. Is that still something you can do? If so, would you...
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  • online play

    I play legends of rock, world tour, warriors of rock, gh5, and i have always had trouble finding people online to play. I want to play with people. Im content on career mode by myself but would like someplay with live...
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  • on world tour since smash hits wont connect...

    on career as vocals and can do guitar & bass zombie rock of flames
    created by CulinaryKings
  • psn account

    why can't i link my psn account i wanna pl GH online really bad
    created by p4p1chul0
  • Getting a new guitar hero game saturday!!

    I'm going to get a new guitar hero in the morning, so i hope someone will be on. I dunno whcih it will be between world tour, 5, 6 or warriors, who knows...I'll update tomorrow when I get the game. So lets rock.
    created by CulinaryKings
  • Guitar Hero: Smash Hits PS3 online

    Hello,   I'm here to ask a question... Who wants to play with me at Guitar Hero: Smash Hits????  I'm playing expert drums. I'm here at all week ends (or the majority of) and from 12h pm to 8h pm so send me ...
    created by pickick