• Where to find Guitars or get them fixed?

    Are people having issues finding new guitars?  I love playing these games but burn out guitars and I have only 1 left.  Any insight on fixing them when they go or how to obtain new ones?
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  • GH: Revolution; Community project

       Who knows what Guitar Hero fans want? The Guitar Hero fans themselves! That's why I'm starting this. We're designing a Guitar Hero game. Keep your pants on, not an actual game, just the outline for one. W...
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  • Guitar Hero Dragonforce

    Guitar Hero Dragonforce would be a game that anyone who played Ghuitar Hero 3 or WOR would definetly buy. Guitar Hero Dragonforce would bring guitar hero back to shelves for an other great part to the Guitar Hero saga...
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  • New Project Idea?

    Hello, I would like to propose a Guitar Hero 182, many songs mainly from Blink-182. Colaboration from Smashing Pumpkins, Sum 41, Green Day, and MUSE. Why woudn't you start with that project? Would be a hit... just say...
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  • guitarhero warriors of rock band needed

    band needed im great on bass i need a singer guitarist and drummer i play on  wii I WILL ONLY PLAY WITH OTHER PEOPLE THAT PLAYS ON EXPERT
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  • New Guitar Heros Coming Out?

    Please tell me there are going to be more guitar heros! i looked in the game informer magazine and there was a page saying Rock Band 3 is coming out. I was furious. That should be guitar hero on that page.Guitar Hero ...
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  • Please bring back GH

    I really wish activision would bring back GH!!!!! I've been waiting years to see the return on GH . With the Xbox One and PS4 coming out later this year I think they should release a new GH. It at least needs another ...
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  • Guitar Hero Tournaments (in MN)

    Are there any tournaments going on (preferably in MN)? I can't find any, and I was wondering if anyone still does them, or if they are done for good.
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  • Why Guitar Hero is where it is now

    What really put ActiVision over the top is when they released GH 3: Legends of Rock in 2007. This game broke records for the company.  Bringing in over a billion dollars in sales worldwide. You know ActiVision wa...
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  • guitar hero

    Hello you guys from activision could create a new guitar hero game with 7 songs from slipknot: Before I forget, Duallity, Guns n roses: You cold be mine, sweet child'omine, Bon Jovi: Wanted dead or live, living on the...
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  • Guitar Hero: Rammstein

    Somebody posted this on Rammstein's facebook page, a couple of weeks ago.  (Similarly, some people may have seen this floating around somewhere).  A lot of my friends (not to mention Rammstein fans) were exc...
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  • FreeStyleGames Working On A New Music Game?

    A very interesting job posting has appeared on FreeStyleGames website recently: FreeStyleGames created DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2 and recently SiNG PARTY for WiiU   Quote:  FSG-DESIGN-GAMEPLAY MIDI DESIGNER &#...
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  • Dragonforce

    hey all,   Sorry iff i came up with another Dragonforce announcement, but i haven't seen like this on forums.   Either way it cant hurt to ask for some more   I was wondering why not make a Gh Drago...
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  • Play online

    Hey i am fairly new to the world on online guitar hero, and everytime i try to find a player, to play pro faceoff against, there is never any players online to play with   Very sad.   Was hoping people wh...
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  • Guitar Hero is dead?

    Hi, Is guitar hero's series really dead? when a new chapter of this saga?
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  • Never get guitar hero for the wii you can't download songs

    Wii guitar games suck I had to get guitar hero 3 for xbox360 to download songs, guitar hero games for the wii suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Status on GH and if the series is dead.

    Anyone know if any new GH game is in devlopment or is GH dead?
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  • Any Ideas for super hard songs

    Any ideas for songs that would be good in a super hard Guitar Hero game?
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  • Importing songs help!!!!!!!!!

    To import songs from previous games is it free or do you need wii points to do it?
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  • How do you put specific songs into Guitar Hero WOR?

    I was just wondering if anybody knew how to put specific songs into Guitar Hero WOR without downloading from the internet or without buying songs from the game. For example, I would like to put a song (let's say, 1,32...
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