• Music Store HELP!!!!

    Well when i try and get into the music store on band hero playstation 3 it always says server timed out please try later , this has been going on for quite some time now and im sick of it can anybody help me   
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  • Band hero does not give the achievement "Treasure Hunt".

    Band hero does not give the achievement "Treasure Hunt", to achieve this it was necessary to collect the other 19, I did it, but the achievement of those 19 I have not received. Platform Xbox 360.
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  • Looking for people to join out Band Hero game

    Online right now looking for some people to get achievements done.   On Xbox360, message my gamer tag iamseph
    created by iamseph
  • Guitar hero series

    hi Guys My nickname is Liu i search peoples for play guitar hero series and band hero too, so my gametag is Liumetal, a like play coop, pvp , band, anytime i from Brazil but i Speak english more or less haha i lookin...
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  • Guitar breaking down!!!!!! Where do i get a new one??????????

    My guitars are 6 years old and not working to well anymore. The fret buttons sometimes stop working and the down strum is broken. I need to get new ones but don't know where to get them.
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  • Band Hero Invalid Unique Owner ID???

    I have Band Hero for Wii.  I know, I'm probably the last person on earth who still plays this.  Anyways, I went to the Band Hero online store to buy some songs with my leftover Wii points and when it asked f...
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  • Achievements

    I'm looking for a group of people, 3 guitarists preferably or 3 drummers. I need to get the last achievements on Band Hero and the only ones holding me back are the band ones. I have 3 left currently, the 2 band ones ...
    created by Sc4ryP3ngu1n
  • Band Hero & Guitar Hero F.A.Q/Help

    It seems a lot of people bought Band hero for Christmas and I would like to help them. I'll be updating this with any more problems people have. I'm doing this mostly for PS3, so if someone can help me with compatibil...
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  • Band Hero/Guitar Hero Bass Pedals wire falling apart?

    Just got Band Hero which comes with the GHWT drums. The Bass pedal's wire is completely falling apart. The whole back protective casing on the inner wire is dried out and crumbling.   I hear this is a known thi...
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  • Agregate me in ps3

    Agregame in ps3 psn id: Super_Punisher10 console:ps3 Games: gh aerosmith , gh worl tour guitar medium hard expert
  • Looking for Drummer, Vocalist & Bass

    Hey, I am looking for a band to jam with. IF you are on expert on Drumming, Bass, or Vocals. Send me a message. I will also take battle requests too, I am on expert just so you know. Just send me a message.
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  • Looking for players to play with me on band hero wii

    does anybody want to play band hero with me for the wii? I get like 90-100% on every song, im really good
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  • Wii or PlayStation 3 ?? (HELP)

    Hello every one. First excuse my English because I'm not really an English speaker. I'd like to buy the game "Band Hero" with the different accesorise but I don't if I have to buy it for PlayStation 3 or Wii . If you ...
    created by NyliaG
  • Music Store Question & Game anyone?

    The music store for the xbox 360 is down? Anyone else having this problem?   Alaso, anyone wanna play with me?
    created by xband
  • New To Band Hero.

    Alright, I have Band Hero for xbox 360. How do you access Band mode in career so we both can play (drums & mic) we're using rock band equipment lol
    created by xband
  • Wireless Guitar for Band Hero

    Looking for a replacement & upgrade to the the Wireless Guitar for Band Hero.   Can anyone make recommendations?   Thanks, Mark
    created by britinva
  • Real voice-St. Mark’s Guitar Pickup EQ

    St. Mark’s  has been making acoustic instrument pickups, triggers, and transducers for years,   They've now turned that expertise to making acoustic guitar pickups, and their efforts have paid off...
    created by okok1
  • ps3 band hero wireless problem

    guys i have a wireless problem on band hero on my ps3. my guitar is working perfect but my drums can't have a wireless connection on the game. im doing the right moves what is written on the info paper but i cant make...
    created by oeskihaa
  • any unused bh import codes

    you can mail them to me
    created by luigistell
  • Looking to swap a Band Hero Unique Code for GH5 Unique Code

    Hello everyone,   I was just wondering if anybody had a spare GH5 Unique code that they would swap for a Band Hero Unique code?   Regards, Kieran
    created by MrProLowe