• Missing song?

    I was playing Band Hero with my with today and noticed while playing Quickplay that she has 343 songs I have 342 songs... how is that possible and how can I fix it?   to answer questions: We have a 360. Yes, ...
    created by johnhardy
  • got ps3 GH5 id code to trade for ps3 Band Hero

    If anyone want to exchange codes kindly email me at doubled3d@yahoo.com
    created by demonoda
  • X360 Band Hero Unique Code trade to any other

    As in the title I want to trade my X360 UNUSED Band Hero unique code to any other except GH:5. Any offers?
    created by cilinder
  • music store time out

    When i try to get in the music store it tells me that the server has timed out. Can anyone help me, i live in greece if that helps.
    created by npot
  • unused gh5 code for bh? ps3

    anyone want to swap?   email me: wildcatsoccer16@live.com
    created by wasoccer16
  • XBOX 360, multiple profiles

    Hello, I'm new to XBOX 360, so I don't know if this is possible, but I was wondering how we can set it up so that each player can use their individual xbox profile for their players in the game so that it can save acc...
    created by nursewizzle
  • I want more songs!

    I want to get more songs into Band Hero (ps3) but am getting no where. I see on this site there is a music catalog and displays many songs that you can purchase through itunes but how does that help me? I would guess ...
    created by kknagel
  • Band Hero guitar,drums,microphone compatibility PS3

    Hi!! i want to buy the Band Hero bundle with the guitar,the drums and the microphone.. The instruments of the Band Hero will be compatible with the others Guitar Hero games ?? (on PS3)
    created by ghmaniac11
  • Playing Drums in GHWT PC

    Hi. I bought a band hero drum kit and I want to play ghwt drums from pc until I buy a PS3. Kit connects to pc with wireless band hero receiver, midi says ps3 drums were found and I can use it as an electronic drum kit...
    created by keeem
  • Music Store

    Is the Music Store for Band Hero closed because when I try to connect tell me servers not working
    created by stingray
  • Preventing auto-turnoff?

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you know how to stop the PS3 drumkit box from turning itself off when not linked to a console.   I have the drum kit hooked up to my PC to use as an electronic drum kit, and it...
    created by ziqh
  • Newbie Questions on Guitar Options etc.

    I am trying to learn about all of the options with the Band Hero Wii software and my Guitars/Drums etc. from Guitar Hero that I just purchased and started using today.   The booklet that comes with Band Hero doe...
    created by excelsior
  • Not able to play online PS3

    Hi, whenever I try to connect online it gives a message saying "updating network services" or "server not available at the moment", It´s been like that for over 3 months, I still wanna get the online trophies, d...
    created by manuelpina
  • Possible Band

    Ok so i decided to start playing band hero again on the ps3 and decided to take up the vocal sides of it  and i was thinking about getting a band together to play on it all i need is a drummer  a bassist&nbs...
    created by allover4now
  • volume issues

    Does anyone slse have this problem? The intro to the game is loud, but the songs themselves lose a lot of volume. I've changed all the settings a few times, but nothing works.
    created by korey
  • GH player/PS3

    I have most GH games and I am looking for people to complete trophies with.A mic is a + but not required.I'm systemoverload12,so if you are interested in getting trophies the hit me up.
    created by sstemoverload
  • dont get it ?

    how do i select to play drums, or gutair or anything, it keeps me on mic, i only use controller.  and use the controller for GH2,3 ect.  ive tryed to change the settings but i cant find it anywhere, it a...
    created by cellgm
  • Band hero - Online Band (Play) (Wii) :P

    Well I was just wondering if anyone wanted to do some full band play online as a standard band on wii. I have alot of friends but they don't want to play the old GH games anymore, really.   So anyone?   ...
    created by pinksquid
  • Create songs for band hero?

    Can you create songs for band hero? If so how?
    created by jhturbo
  • pandora berlocke

    Thomas Sabo vergangene Hut in den jahren Schnell pandora utlopp ansteigende Erfolgskurve Eine Unglaublicher Testpackungen verzeichnen. MIT ist ein fing den Armb?ndern berühmt Charm Club, Wahren Kultstatus erreich...
    created by zhangpan