• Guitar Hero 5 problem

    Okay so I was playing guitar hero with my brother last night, I signed in as me and we played for a couple  hours no problem at all.   I went to play with him earlier today and i signed in as myself and de...
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  • Can Anyone Help With A Problem With My Guitar

    Hiya I have a warriors of rock guitar, but it doesn't go down through any menu when i strum down or press down on the d-pad on the guitar, but the guitar plays perfectly when i start playing a song which is really wei...
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  • GH3, WT, and 5 DLC found on my old PSN account

    So....recently I looked at my download list on my old account to come across some DLC for these games you can't get anymore. It isn't much for DLC but it is some. I'll list all I have found for each game.   ...
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  • Guitar hero hits

    Hi, just i can't play online in guitar hero hits on ps3 for 2 years? my mate stil can play online on x360 why we cant play on ps3? can we do smth with this? how do you think? i think its unfair for ps3 players.
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  • looking for band members (xbox 360)

    I'm looking for some good people to play guitar hero. I have band hero, van halen, world tour, and Aerosmith.  If you are interested my gamer tag is "zambieslayer334"
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  • Someone to share Unique Owner Code ?

    Hey, i would like to import musics from Guitar Hero games on PS3, i'm looking for Unique Owner code, if you're interested add me on skype : Oceansparadises Have a great day
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  • Looking for Xbox Heroes.

    Anyone have GH3, World Tour, 5, or Warriors of Rock that wanna play? Expert any instrument?
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  • Does guitar hero VIP pass even work

    I tried to purchase music that I want play
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  • is there any other GHero games like Aerosmith where u can 'mute' rest of the band and not just lower them be greatful to know if there is :)

    I cant seem to find any Guitar Hero, or any other guitar games on Xbox 360  that lets you not just lower the sound of the rest of the band but 'mute' completely this was a simple thing to do on Aerosmith Guitar H...
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  • Guitar Hero Franchise needs to be on Xbox One.

    The Guitar Hero franchise was a killer for the generation of Xbox 360 fans but I think it needs to be reintroduced to the Xbox One family. With a new Hi-definition quality machine and the features that comes with it w...
  • Hey who has gutiar hero 3

    I Need to find out how to get DLC on gutiar hero 3 for the PS3, in the PSN store there is none..
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  • Guitar hero on the wii/wiiU

    I Have a wiiU, and ive decided to get guitar hero (world tour) cranking again. I'm playing it Through my wii (on my wiiU), I can play the game on my own, but I'm unable to connect to online play or online shop. Can an...
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  • My take on the recent Guitar Hero rumor.

              I'm not excited, and you shouldn't be either. If you played the games before Guitar Hero 3, you'd see where I'm coming from. Guitar Hero turned into a glorified R...
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  • Can we make a petition for a new Guitar hero?!

    Guitar hero is one of my favourite games to play with my friends and alone and it got me into drumming. Im just wondering with enough fanpower if we could push hard enough for a new game, preferably with a bunch of to...
  • Need someone to help with 1 million achievement gh3 xbox360

    I am really good on expert level and I need someone that is also real good to help me score 1 million on coop. If anyone could plz send me a message or add me.  My gamer tag is zambieslayer334 exactly as u c it.
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  • Anyone still play Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

    I recently picked up a couple guitar hero and rock band games. I don't have a headset but would like to play some of you online if you want. I currently have Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, G...
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  • Guitar button colours in the wrong order!?!

    Hi guys,   I have a guitar controller that has the buttons in the reverse order! The orange button is first and the green button is last. It was purchased this way and still functions properly. So i was wonderin...
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  • Guitar Hero 7 Ideas

    Let's face it, all of us want to see Guitar Hero come back. I know a majority of us miss the old Guitar Hero games, and want Guitar Hero to go back to its roots. Comment any ideas you'd have for a new Guitar Hero game...
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  • How can I use: VIP Passcode

    I would like to know how can i use the VIP passcode.   In the game there is a instruction saying to go to "link account" and enter the number, but i havent found this "place"to enter the code.... please, help me
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  • GH3 & GHWT for 360

    Hello, everyone. A few days ago, I bought Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock and Guitar Hero World Tour for the xbox 360. Unfortunately, I do not have a guitar controller nearby, so I can only play on the controller. I can...
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