• Download extra songs

    Hi. I have Guitar Hero Metallica and Band Hero  for PS3.   Is there any way to get extra songs for any of them?   Is there any way to download songs from earlier versions of Guitar Hero?   An...
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  • Is This Better With Guitar Hero Controller?

    Keyboard controls seem perfectly fine, and I'm too lazy to pull out my guitar hero controller and try it, I might thougt... But has anyone tried it with a guitar controller, is it better?
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  • Guitar Hero PS3 guitar controller, receiver/dongle compatibility

    Hello guys! I'm new here and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask but I don't know where else I should go. So my question is this.. I have GH: World tour guitar and dongle. Now my guitar is broken and I ...
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  • Can you download new songs onto guitar hero 3 for wii?

    Can you download new songs onto guitar hero 3 for wii?
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  • Guitar Hero Franchise needs to be on Xbox One.

    The Guitar Hero franchise was a killer for the generation of Xbox 360 fans but I think it needs to be reintroduced to the Xbox One family. With a new Hi-definition quality machine and the features that comes with it w...
  • Which Wii Guitar Hero game is best?

    I am going to ask for this for my son's birthday and am confused about the different games: World Tour, Guitar Hero III, Aerosmith, Legends of Rock, etc. Are any of them better, bigger, or more fun? Or am I just reall...
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  • Controller issues

    hey there :-)   there is my problem:   I own a GHWT copy for PC. I have an Hrmonix guitar with a wireless dongle connected to the pc and an XBOX 360 drum kit wit a wired USB connection.   the pc corr...
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  • Anyone know where to buy a cheap Guitar controller for Xbox 360?

    A while back my PS3 got the Amber light and now I'm looking to rejoin the Guitar Hero community but cant as all my GH games and controllers were for PS3.   I'm trying to find somewhere that I can buy a new Guita...
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  • How do I download songs to Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock PC version?

    Can I download more songs? Any website? A free one would be nice. Anyways. Is What I've Done song from Linkin Park preload in Guitar Hero World Tour? I really like that song. Then I will switch over to GH world tou...
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  • Guitar Hero World Tour (PC) Keyboard controls problem?

    I wanted to ask if there is any patch or something that lets me customize my controls the way I like it, 'cause the standard controls are :frets- Shift,Y,X,C,V,B star power - space shimmy - Alt Gr   and it's ...
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  • Issue with Guitar Hero 3 PC

    So I'm trying to use my Xplorer guitar for Xbox 360 to play Guitar Hero 3 for PC. I have downloaded the wired controller drivers from the microsoft website, but i plugged in my guitar and it fails to download the driv...
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  • New Game Please!!!

    Ok Guitar Hero has to make a new game already. This game is way to awesome to not make another one, Activision, Red Ocatane we need another Guitar Hero!! Maybe some more DragonForce too caue that would be EPIC!!
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  • Can I use my handheld controller for guitar hero 5 - xbox 360?

    Can I use my handheld controller for guitar hero 5 - xbox 360?   I have Guitar Hero World Tour and I just use the standard handheld controller (I don't like the guitar - it's awkward & annoying). Can I still...
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  • How do you connect my guitar hero 3 controller to my Xbox 360?

    How do you connect my guitar hero 3 controller to my Xbox 360?
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  • GH3 XBOX 360 EU

    Hello everyone, I'm Anton and I'm 21 years old from Sweden. Can't find any sessions out there so if people wanna hit me up it's ok to add my gamertag without me responding here on the forum.   Gamer tag is: Infe...
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  • GH3

    Who wants to face me in gh3 ps3
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  • PS3- playing For Fun

    I have Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock, and my ultimate favorite Guitar Hero Metallica. If anyone is interested in playing any of those games I would be more than happy to play with you. I usually play Har...
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  • Help with syncing black Gibson guitar as bass ?!

    hey there I was wondering how to sync my second guitar as a guitar or bass.. It synced to my console and everything normally but it's coming up as a microphone! And I don't know how to sync it properly to my rockband ...
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  • Xbox "Link Account" Not n Web Site

    I playing Guitar Hero Legends of Rock, the XBOX live options gives me a 16 digit code but I do not see how to link my account to this code.
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  • any wii guitar hero players out there

    looking for expert guitar hero players for wii
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