• guitar hero

    anyone want to play guitar hero on wii expert
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  • is there anyone who can 5 star or beat ttfaf on expert.

    just wondering cause we would have a sick coop match
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  • Wants some Guitar Hero 3 Wii friends to play online with.

    Anyone wanting to be friends and play Guitar Hero 3 on Wii, please comment or whatever and let me know.
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  • Looking to start or join band

    I'm an Expert+ drummer with a LOT of DLC that also includes all other GH game songs imported onto GH: Warriors of Rock and I'm looking for other expert players to rock with. My Gamertag is Leprechaun205, add me or mes...
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  • GH PS3 Experts guitar/bass

    Hi!   Who wants to play Guitar Hero on PS3, guitar/bass expert? Add me, psn: Sarija_M I'm from Germany, so my timezone is GMT+1.   I've got Warriors of Rock, III (Legends of Rock), World Tour, GH5, Metal...
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  • Looking To Start or Join a Band

    Expert Guitarist with WOR, Metallica, WT, and Guitar Hero 5.
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  • 100%!!!

    everyone check it! brand new http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd23RmUs0uY
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  • Guitar Hero World Tour XBOX 360

    As of now i only have world tour. Planning on getting more games as i find them. I play only on expert and its hard to find people to play against online without making them quit. If anyone plays expert and on world t...
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  • Guitar hero warriors of rock add songs

    Hi, How do I download new songs to ps3? thanks
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  • Looking For Xpert Players (Any Instrument) For *NINTENDO WII GH:WOR**

    Okay, so as many of you Nintendo fans may know, all online capabilities for the Nintendo DS and Wii will become void on May 20, 2014 (I think to get more people to buy the 3DS and Wii U). Anyway, I thought that this g...
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    I am willing to trade my Guitar Hero 5 unique user ID for a Guitar Hero World Tour ID for 360. I used to own this game but it broke a well as my old 360. Once you import the songs with the user ID it has registered to...
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  • Does anyone still play Guitar Hero 3 on wii? Need people to play with..

    I recently started playing this again, was big into this game when it came out in 07 when I was 12, heres my code! I'll check back on this forum every so often!   3093-5504-9028
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  • I am look for people to play Guitar Hero World Tour with on Wii

    I am looking for people to play with and form a band with on Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii
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  • Does anyone still play Guitar Hero- World Tour on the Wii?

    Does anyone in here still play GH world tour in Wii? I started playing it again recently and I realize that its now harder to find someone else to play with online. It feels like im the only one lol. Once in a while I...
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  • GHWT export song query

    I am trying to export all songs from World Tour, armed with my unique 20 character digit code I go into redeem code on the Xbox 360 and it expects a 25 digit code....?  Any ideas anyone why this is and how to ove...
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    i make videos of gh and other games for youtube but mostly GH. this is my channel: GGLeon - YouTube hope you enjoyed the content and give me a chance.
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  • I am looking for people who can play the Guitar and Drums on World Tour

    Hi I am doing a band on World Tour. I play the Bass and I need a Guitar Player and a Drum Player and a Vocals if anybody knows someone my friend code is 468607537657. I am looking forward to playing anybody
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  • Guitar Hero 7 wishlist.

    Here's my setlist for Guitar Hero 7. The songs aren't in difficulty order but I tried to get the hardest songs last. The last song of the tier is always encore
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  • Guitar hero metallica

    pregunta alguien sabe como bajar la canción de the day never comes? Ayuda
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  • I am looking for people to play with in Guitar Hero World Tour

    Anybody wants to play let me know
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