• New Game Please!!!

    Ok Guitar Hero has to make a new game already. This game is way to awesome to not make another one, Activision, Red Ocatane we need another Guitar Hero!! Maybe some more DragonForce too caue that would be EPIC!!
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  • Can I use my handheld controller for guitar hero 5 - xbox 360?

    Can I use my handheld controller for guitar hero 5 - xbox 360?   I have Guitar Hero World Tour and I just use the standard handheld controller (I don't like the guitar - it's awkward & annoying). Can I still...
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  • How do you connect my guitar hero 3 controller to my Xbox 360?

    How do you connect my guitar hero 3 controller to my Xbox 360?
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  • GH3 XBOX 360 EU

    Hello everyone, I'm Anton and I'm 21 years old from Sweden. Can't find any sessions out there so if people wanna hit me up it's ok to add my gamertag without me responding here on the forum.   Gamer tag is: Infe...
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  • GH3

    Who wants to face me in gh3 ps3
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  • PS3- playing For Fun

    I have Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock, and my ultimate favorite Guitar Hero Metallica. If anyone is interested in playing any of those games I would be more than happy to play with you. I usually play Har...
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  • Help with syncing black Gibson guitar as bass ?!

    hey there I was wondering how to sync my second guitar as a guitar or bass.. It synced to my console and everything normally but it's coming up as a microphone! And I don't know how to sync it properly to my rockband ...
    created by Shelbiexo
  • Xbox "Link Account" Not n Web Site

    I playing Guitar Hero Legends of Rock, the XBOX live options gives me a 16 digit code but I do not see how to link my account to this code.
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  • any wii guitar hero players out there

    looking for expert guitar hero players for wii
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  • guitar hero

    anyone want to play guitar hero on wii expert
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  • is there anyone who can 5 star or beat ttfaf on expert.

    just wondering cause we would have a sick coop match
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  • Wants some Guitar Hero 3 Wii friends to play online with.

    Anyone wanting to be friends and play Guitar Hero 3 on Wii, please comment or whatever and let me know.
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  • Looking to start or join band

    I'm an Expert+ drummer with a LOT of DLC that also includes all other GH game songs imported onto GH: Warriors of Rock and I'm looking for other expert players to rock with. My Gamertag is Leprechaun205, add me or mes...
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  • GH PS3 Experts guitar/bass

    Hi!   Who wants to play Guitar Hero on PS3, guitar/bass expert? Add me, psn: Sarija_M I'm from Germany, so my timezone is GMT+1.   I've got Warriors of Rock, III (Legends of Rock), World Tour, GH5, Metal...
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  • Looking To Start or Join a Band

    Expert Guitarist with WOR, Metallica, WT, and Guitar Hero 5.
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  • 100%!!!

    everyone check it! brand new http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd23RmUs0uY
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  • Guitar Hero World Tour XBOX 360

    As of now i only have world tour. Planning on getting more games as i find them. I play only on expert and its hard to find people to play against online without making them quit. If anyone plays expert and on world t...
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  • Guitar hero warriors of rock add songs

    Hi, How do I download new songs to ps3? thanks
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  • Looking For Xpert Players (Any Instrument) For *NINTENDO WII GH:WOR**

    Okay, so as many of you Nintendo fans may know, all online capabilities for the Nintendo DS and Wii will become void on May 20, 2014 (I think to get more people to buy the 3DS and Wii U). Anyway, I thought that this g...
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    I am willing to trade my Guitar Hero 5 unique user ID for a Guitar Hero World Tour ID for 360. I used to own this game but it broke a well as my old 360. Once you import the songs with the user ID it has registered to...
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