• Does anyone want to play GH5 on XBOX 360?

    I play expert on guitar on GH5 on XBOX 360, and nobody is online. Anyone out there want to play? Gamertag: deanie222
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  • I cannot sync my PS3 Guitar Hero 5 Controller?

    I cannot sync my PS3 Guitar Hero 5 Controller? I have a guitar hero 5 controller that I did have synced before. I may have accidentally switched the adapter with one of my friends adapters   Is there a way I ca...
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  • Anyone still play guitar hero world tour

    Hiya have been waiting online for ages, no one ever seems to play. I play drums on hard and guitar and bass hard to expert. If anyone wants a game my name tag is lindzio
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  • Need help with a problem

    Hi there, I do have a huge Problem. The Frets themselves work perfectly fine, while browsing through the menu and when confirming stuff, going back in menu, etc. However, once I start playing a song they dont seem to ...
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  • For those people who says "There's No Metal" "Where Is It?"

    I don't know why I did this.difugjkvbm nvmzds There's More songs but I dint get all the info... * = Is Metal and Hard Rock GHI: Aces Spades (Cover Version) Metal Bark At The Moon (Cover version) Metal Cowboys Fr...
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  • Need help remembering a song

    The song was either on Guitar hero 1 2 or 3, or maybe even a rock band, not sure.       It opens with a drum roll that is 5 sets of triplets, going from the snare to the high tom to the medium tom to t...
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  • GH5 Song Help

    Hello gh5 forum. I had bought a guitar a while ago with band hero and played the other day and enjoyed it again. So i went out and got a copy of GH5 as it is the only on I could find with a queen song on it. Guitar h...
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  • GH 4+5 on xbox360

    Its seriously pointless to wait on matchmaking for a year before you get someone to play with. I play expert guitar/bass/drums. Add me my GT is SammehJam i have quite a bit of DL content as well Thanks
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  • can guitar hero work on ps4?

    i bought ps4 and want to buy guitar hero and all the guitar instrument. if i buy the ps3 version would it work on ps4?   pls help its for my GF birthday
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    Do you want someone of the same sex to fall madly and deeply in love with you? Would you like to express your gay love with them openly and purely? All spells listed on this site are suitable for gay couples.  Ho...
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  • Looking for players Guitar Hero 5 or Van Halen

    hello, i am looking for players Guitar Hero 5 or Van Halen, i use guitar expert the most of the songs and it doesnt matter if you play on easy   ID: andresvialc
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  • what is the best guitar controller?

    My husband loves guitar hero and rock band and has burned through at least 3 guitars for the ps2. We recently got a guitar for our ps3. He played on expert for a couple hours on a few different days and the strum bar ...
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  • Who wants to play Online PS3?

    If anyone wants to play any guitar hero game for PS3 just reply here with your PSN and what difficulty you play on any instrument. Don't be afraid if you play on easy as long you really want to play online then reply ...
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  • Check out my plug in baby 6 star rating!

    Plug in Baby Guitar Hero 5 EXPERT 100%!!! - YouTube
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  • Anyone one want to play guitar hero 5 on Xbox 360

    i only play guitar on expert and im looking for someone to give me a challenge or just to play coop whos up for it
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  • holaaa

    hola soy nueva y noce como jugar
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  • Looking for people to play bass, drums, and sing. (Xbox 360)

    I've just recently purchased a guitar controller and I'm looking for people to play bass, drums, and sing. I have guitar hero 5, along with rockband 1 and 2. My gamertag is SmokiFRO, so if you're interested, send me a...
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  • Multiplayer on Wii

    I'm looking for anyone wishing to play guitar hero 5 multiplayer (Quickplay or Competitive) on the nintendo wii? I play guitar/bass on expert.
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  • Guitar Syncing

    This is the first time I am trying to sync my guitar to my PS3, but I'm having problem syncing it, can someone help me?
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  • Barber Shop, Drumline, Manega a hult ps3

    Hi, i'm looking for people who can helm me with this trophies on ps3 4 mic 4 drums and 8 guitars. My PSN: MrHandi
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