• How effective is it to learn guitar from iPhone apps?

    How effective is it to learn guitar from iPhone apps as opposed to the real guitar. I wanna do this because I just wanna learn the basics of guitar first and I dont want to waste money buying the real guitar. I just w...
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  • Iphone Guitar Hero Songs

    2009     "Cousins"     Vampire Weekend 1966     "Paint It, Black"     The Rolling Stones 2009     "Savior" ...
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  • Alguien podría indicarme como hacer para descargar nuevas canciones para este juego?

    si si algún usuario pudiera ayudarme con esta situación le agradecería mucho, quisiera seguir disfrutando de este excelente juego, por favor díganme como hacer para descargar nueva músic...
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  • Lost purchased tracks and whole profile

    I bought Guitar Hero on IPhone a while ago, and purchased a lot of tracks for it, and got all challenges complete. I uninstalled the game to free up some space temporarily, then I installed it back, but I could not re...
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  • Wait, Wait, Wait Hold-Up

    Is all we got today a small description for a picture on Treyarch's twitter page, or am I missing something, like a trailer or something?   http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2013/08/08/final-piece-of-call-of-d...
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  • CCR songpack for iphone Guitar Hero app?

    Hi there, is there any chances that Activision will make the classic Creedence Clearwater Revival song pack for the iphone/ipod version? I think its gonna be cool 
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  • BUY BRAND NEW UNLOCKED Apple iPhone 5 Pre-order sales-$800

    BUY BRAND NEW UNLOCKED Apple iPhone 5 Pre-order sales-$900     We offer great variety of newly-released, branded Mobile phones (etc) at discounted rates.   Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 32GB--$1000 Apple iPad 2...
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  • Re: Stylish Griffey Shoes

    Griffey SHoes Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Should I buy an iPad or a Netbook for taking notes?

    Should I buy an iPad or a Netbook for taking notes? I am going to college and am debating between buying an iPad or a netbook. It would be used primarily for taking notes during lectures. My friend is trying to convi...
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  • group newsroom

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  • Online Data Pasting Work (6013)

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  • Guitar Hero for iPhone in Europe

    Good day, i would love to ask if there is any option to purchase this game (and additional music) in europe. Especialy in Czech Republic  if there isnt any option how to obtain this great game, are you going to...
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  • problem with challenge, bug?

    Hi there   I seem to have a problem getting a challenge. My challenge on the song Secret Country - Minus The Bear is to have 80 notes by sliding to them along a Slide Line (silver). I have a 100% on hard and exp...
    created by odense36

    i have the latest update for guitar hero on ipod. but after playing for some time, everytime you finish a song, it won't show the stats, the game would just crash. I ENJOY GH SO MUCH! will there be a new update fi...
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  • help me understand...

    why would you stop creating dlc? is the licensing costs so lucrative that it's not profitable to continue to offer dlc? basic business practices say that if you have a product to sell, price it accordingly to generate...
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  • karlfitz is insane...

    this guy has posted first in a ton of songs. pretty awesome, just hope they are all legit...
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  • Apple IPad Case Review: Do We Need the IPad Case?

    You cannot help but be amazed at the design that has gone into the Apple iPad Case. The display is crisp and clear and the way you can flick the screen around has just got to bring a smile to your face. However, is it...
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  • iPod Touch 4G Problems...

    Right, i have been playing guitar hero on my iPod Touch 2G and had no problems, fine. After paying for several packs of DLC, coming to around £6-£8 i was chuffed.   Seeing my iPod quality deteriorate ...
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  • Need help on the problem about GH appears '' OFFLINE''

    so when i entered the app and tried to go to the store to see some of the tracks, but it says that i am not connected to the gh server. So i went back to the main menu and at the top it says OFFLINE I cant figure ou...
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  • Activision tech support IS A JOKE!! READ THIS!

    I put most of my conversation with Activision TS.  Thread reads from the bottom up (newest to oldest).  Read my latest reply to their response.  I had a guy named Nick Bee who was helpful for the most p...
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