• Come On Activision!!!!!!!!!!

    make a update!!!! FIX GUITAR HERO IPHONE! PLEASE!! Also, you need better songs for that game, here are a few suggestions.....   MOTLEY CRUE   Too Fast For Love Live Wire Take Me To The Top Toast Of The ...
    created by ILUVSTRICKEN
  • Won't Open

    I bought this app for my iPod TOuch and it won't even open. Is there a way I can get this fixed or can I have my money back because I don't really appreciate getting my money taken
    created by demike16
  • Update 1.4

    It's fixed!! NOT!!!!!!   Just downloaded the update. Looked like all was well except I still have to reboot my phone to get it to connect if it disconnects while you are in the app. I could also access the store...
    created by rundoc
  • GH iPhone - Not Working

    A update was released by Activision! So i did update it on my iphone...   The result was that it was now complaining about it was not recognized by the "Game Center" The inApp store was also complaining, it di...
    created by johsm
  • Warning - Update 1.3.0

    Hi folks,   Updated from 1.2.0 to 1.3.0 - Starting the game, received a message 'Save game file corrupted' and it then whipped away all my scores again !!! I'm starting to be fed up with this product...   ...
    created by toadbe
  • Latest update is WORSE!

    Now it wont even TRY to connect when you enter the game.  It stays offline.  I STILL can't go to the store or community.  FIX THIS!
    created by Wzrd0803
  • Game will not start if 50+ songs

    Hello all,   Since I added the last 2 packs of songs, the game will not start anymore on my iPod Touch 2G 32GB.   I tried to restore the iPod (which I should not have done as it whipped away all my scores ...
    created by toadbe
  • thank you for focus mode...

    a lot less 'jitters' during a song and the gems are so much easier to see...
    created by deadchef
  • Trouble with 1.1.0 update? Please read!

    Guitar Hero for iPhone/iPod touch fans! If you’ve downloaded App Update 1.1.0 and are having any issues, you can fix it by:   -Delete the App from your device -Delete the App from iTunes -Connect your de...
    created by GuitarHeroNews
  • Is it worth it?

    Hey I'm new. Big fan of the game soo I am postin' here from now on     Anyway, would you say Guitar Hero iPhone is worth buying? Or is Tap Tap Revenge or Tap Studio more worth it?   Thanks ;D
  • Russian App Store

    Hello dear Guitar Hero support. I'm real fan of your product. I'm always checking the Russian App Store for your Guitar Hero App. I really want to buy it.   Dear support, please tell me will this app be ever ava...
    created by yaoijonge
  • Why is not in SK store?

    I was really happy watching Apple presentation when was saying about GH. "In app store today", great! But in Slovak apple store is still NOTHING. Can tell me anyone, why? We don't have any extra law or copyright and e...
    created by yivosvk
  • I'd love to see a new update

    Ok heres what I want to see in a new update. 1.Link Accounts 2.Online Play 3.Drums+Bass+Volcal Players 4.New Hair Styles and Dlc Free DLC Aerosmith DLC
    created by Russ10
  • who is sk1ttl3s and y is he a cheating *#^*%(!!!

    created by deadchef
  • The Rolling Stones Guitar Hero for iPhone & iPod Touch DLC!

    The first DLC pack for Guitar Hero for iPhone & iPod Touch is here - and it's all Stones! Download the new pack and rock out to classic Rolling Stones songs like Gimme Shelter, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, or Ho...
    created by GuitarHeroNews
  • Guitar Hero iPhone/iPod Touch Support Issues

    If you are experiencing problems with Guitar Hero iPhone or Guitar Hero iPod Touch, you should contact Activision Customer Support Center to see if your issue has already been addressed by Activision.
    created by ann37ash
  • Deleting Stats/Data

    Hey.   I was wondering, I don't have good stats since it's the first time I have played Guitar Hero on my iPod Touch, and I was wondering whether it's possible to delete the stats and start over, if this means d...
    created by gikko

    GUITAR HERO iPHONE/iPOD 1.)Queen - "We Are The Champions" 2.)Rise Against - "Savior" 3.)The Rolling Stones - "Paint It Black" 4.)The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army" 5.)Vampire Weekend - "Cousins" 6.)Weezer -...
    created by greenalien
  • Isn't this a portable game?

    Why wouldn't it go into the Guitar Hero portable forum?
    created by Gameboy1100
  • Music store closed.

    Hi, I've just started playing GHiPhone, and I managed to get online and connect to facebook and stuffs. But when I hit ' STORE ' , it gives me a message ' Store is currently closed. Please try again later. ' So I ...
    created by meltx