• Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Or Rock Band 3?

    Which game is better and why? Which has more and/or better songs?
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  • What Defines You As A Music Fan?

    How do you let people know you're a music fan. Be it singing lyrics, wearing merchandise or talking about them (on and offline).   I'm a little bit of everthing in that respect. Though I don't listen to EVERY ba...
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  • New Layout..... FAIL

    Alright, so - As most of you know by now, I'm not on here very often.   So, I come back today to check what you guys are up to, and I find this new layout. It took me 20 minutes just to find the forum, All of my...
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  • Guitar Hero - need your answers

    Hi guys!   I'm doing a thesis about Guitar Hero and I need your help to answer 2 very short surveys. These surveys are designed for people who bought either music or an instrument after playing the game. If you d...
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  • AW

    BOnjour, après 2 mois d'absence je compte rejouer a aw sur ps4, mais je n'ai pas accès à l'emblème car non respect des chartes. Or Je n'utilisais pas ce service auparavant. COMMENT FAIRE ...
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  • Where can I have a controller tested before selling on eBay?

    I found a DreamGear B.C Rich WarBeast PS2/PS3 Controller with the dongle, that I want to have checked out before posting on eBay.  I do not know anyone with the game that I can ask.  Best Buy Geeks said they...
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  • See a Pro in action - North American Tour Start Feb 20!

    Hello Guitar Hero friends!   Just wanted to let you know that a world-class guitarist from Europe - Pierre Bensusan - has arrived in the USA and is starting his concert  tour tomorrow, near Detroit. He is ...
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  • anyone play candy games

    Candy Frenzy  is an amazing sweet  Candy puzzle adventure game where you dash through levels to make sweet and yummy combinations to test your puzzle blasting skills. Unlock power-ups as you keep advancing a...
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  • Who has Guitar Hero 3 on xbox 360?

    There's hardly any one online anymore, it's annoying haha
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  • Where are Last Guardians fans

    Another hidden gem in app store! The game is a 100% action game, no one holds your game to tell you which bottom to tab. I also like it’s no-card-concept and free gameplay, and the abilities are undeniably aweso...
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  • read:Anyone plays any guitar hero for ps3 if so add me ...

    If u have guitar hero for ps3 Add me Red-Skull_50 how good am i im like a 7 out of 10 i play any difficulty and i dont care if ur good or bad i just want to play with people that has guitar hero  and ROCK!!
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  • What are the best offline multiplayer PS3 games?

    Before you jump all over me, I know that this question has been asked a number of ways. However, none of the answers have satisfied me and some just dance around the bush.
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  • Who has guitar hero3 legends of rock?

    Who has guitar hero III Legends of rock for Wii????
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  • Looking for a band PS3

    Hello. I am looking for a band. I am playing guitar on Hard [sometimes [easy songs] on expert]. I have got : GHWT, GH Metallica and GH Warriors of rock. I don't have any DLC, and i haven't got songs from older guitar ...
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  • Were can i download ps3 games for free ?

    Were can i download ps3 games for free ?
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  • What's a good beginner guitar amp with good distortion at low volumes?

    What's a good beginner guitar amp with good distortion at low volumes?
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  • Anyone still play? (Ps3)

    Just looking for some people to play with My psn is nipnips_inyoface and I play guitar on hard (sometimes expert) I have GH3, GHWT, GH5 and GHWoR. Fell free to add me just don't spam me with invites please
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  • How and where do i download songs for guitar hero 3 pc edition?

    How and where do i download songs for guitar hero 3 pc edition?
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  • "Server Configuration Error"

    I recently bought Guitar Hero 3 for PC. I bought it new and sealed, so my online key/license should be valid. I tried to make an account by going to "online" on the main menu in GH3 and using the key/license on the ba...
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  • Weird Glitch

    I just experienced a weird glitch in Guitar Hero 3. I failed the song Number of the Beast on expert, and the game gave me the 'Enlightened Guitarist' achievement. I haven't even gold starred a song, let alone 20. Any...
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