• problem with guitar and dongle

    my guitar doesn't paired with the dongle the set is almost new can somebody help me i appreciate youre help
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  • Who are the real guitar hero pros?

    There's a site out there promoting it's Guitar Hero professionals.  They've got Prod1gyX and Starslay3r playing in some jackpot tournaments.  I saw Prod1gyX get beat up by Tehtrueog last night and I'm just w...
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  • New game!

    Hey check this out!   Looks amazing. Just thought i'd share it with you all.   http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Android/Salvage/news.asp?c=57458   go check it out!   What are the thoughts on thi...
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  • How can i talk to admin

    Hi, i need to talk to some admin, im tired, and i just want an answer because i bought the game, so, i need help with validate email, nothing more.(sorry my english)
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  • Problem with validate email

    Hi, i have a problem with that, when i follow the link in my email, it sendme to the wrong page (http://profile.callofduty.com/error), what can i do?, thanks.
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  • Question...

    I read online somewhere that you can but the dlc guitar hero export codes for smash hits warriors of rock etc. on the official guitar hero website which means this one is that true?
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  • Austin Illusions

    Hey everyone, I have created a new channel on youtube called austin illusions. I perform amazing illusions that are unbelievable. Go subscribe and like my new channel. If you need a link, instagram- austingarrettillus...
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  • Guitars from PS2 to PC

    i have guitar hero world tour for ps2 with guitar, bas, drums and microphone. is it possible to use those if i buy world tour for pc? also i have been wondering if you can use songs from your computer and play them w...
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  • On GH World Tour PC I can't see the notes,the instruments are black and i can't see the crowd.What i'm sopposed to do?

    On GH World Tour PC I can't see the notes,the instruments are black and i can't see the crowd. I think I need a plugin or something,but i don't know what i must do... Please help me!  
    created by Razvanel5000
  • Post Your Guitar Hero World Tour Friend Code Here

    Hey All, Everybody Pleas post your guitar hero world tour friend code on this website so i can add you. Please only post your guitar hero world tour friend code if you have the wii.   Look At my profile for my gu...
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  • Where to buy Guitar Hero guitars?? Please help me!!! Tell me websites beside Ebay and Amazon!! Thx

    Where can I buy Guitar Hero Guitars for Xbox 360 besides Ebay and Amazon?? Please help thx!!
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  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex for the Wii

    My fc is 082551461257. Just put yours in and I'll add you.
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  • What about a Christian-based rhythm music game?

    I was just thinking the other day and I was wondering if they could create a version of Guitar Hero that has Christian music. I think it could do pretty well. With songs from Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, All Sons and Daugh...
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  • hey anyone up for some gh wor on xbox

    my gamertag is luigisteel and plus they got to change this site back to the world tour layout that was cool but i have seen every lay out of this site
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  • (I Am Not April Fooling Moderator) Uprising DLC Supposedly On Website. I Think It's Fake.

    Well. This just came in today.   With the new zombies map being Atlantis (fake written all over it.).     http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=pGEA-hGWyuU&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DpGEA-hGWyu U   ...
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  • There Is A Zombies Multiplayer Forum : )

    Just pointing it out that there is a multiplayer forum for anyone looking for games. This is a zombies forum.         No hate please. Not looking for any trouble.
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  • Don't reply to this but I think this is a new record for the amount of time it has taken someone/somebody to reply/write a thread on the zombie forums ever since this year. A whole 30 minutes. (When the year started.).

    Read the title and/but don't reply to this post!!!!! P.S. Take my word for it, I sometimes come on here midnight to find some zombie players and people still reply. Huh.
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  • Tips for GH3

    Does anyone have any tips for beating lou on expert?
    created by marka23
  • Guitar hero deicide?

    Does anyone want Guitar hero deicide (death metal) or some other band to have their own guitar hero game?
    created by marka23