• GH:On Tour bonus songs

    I've played guitar hero on tour a lot and I've managed to get 5 starts on every song on every difficulity. I've also won all the guitar duels on every difficulity. For some reason though, I have only unlocked 1 bonus ...
    created by mariodk
  • Lost,"" ""The Happening"" last night

    Jacob's face appeared on the season finale of ""Lost,"" ""The Happening"" last night. Entourage DVD In fact, it appears again and again, opened and nearly closed the episode, and ads all Lostites dark before returning...
    created by jonechen
  • Guitar Hero for PSP

    This could be a Guitar Hero for PSP, with four colours buttons below the PSP connected to the USB, and to play the note press any of the directions keys. I've drawed a simple (and bad) guitar hero for psp on paint.net...
    created by flmarts
  • DS lite version awards

    I have the european DS lite game, and I'm wondering about some of the unlocks. Specifically, I can't see what I need to do in order to unlock the construction hat. Is it a secret unlock that I just have to find by pla...
    created by blackboy
  • won't work on my ipod

    When I go to it, it closes out instantaneously. I just bought it too   I even tried resetting my Ipod...although idk why. a lot of good it did me.
    created by jajsangel
  • guitar hero on dsi

    just got a dsi and was real peed off when i found out you cant use guitar hero on it is one goin  to come out for it or have i got to get the normal ds one fed up fan
    created by crusher21
  • No More Guitar Hero DS/3DS games

    Admit it, they've given up since the DSi, they're doing DJ Hero now just because you need a touch screen and a couple buttons to do it right.
    created by ARE42
  • Guitar hero suggestion *READ*

    created by kozzie
  • Band Hero Ds Award (Need Help)

    Does anyone know how yo unlock the Ruins of Rock venue and the B-Movie Venue? I need them to finish the On Tour award because I have only unlcok 6 out of 8 of all the venues. Thanks!!!
    created by playavj
  • New Guitar Hero??

    Does anyone know if there is gonna be a new guitar hero any time soon? 
    created by murtle
  • Does anyone know if theres going to be a new Guitar Hero(DS)

    First post for me. I want to just know if someone knows if a new Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS is gonna be created.THX for answers...if anyone answer 
    created by otto10000ify
  • Band Hero DS's Secret Character

    created by TylerFG
  • Guitar Hero: Rock with the Experts ?

    Hi, it would be awesome to see if Guitar Hero team made a GH game like "Guitar Hero: Rock with the Experts." It would include some playable characters such as Joe Satriani, Buckethead, and so on.   The songs wo...
    created by shootarz
  • Drums on Band Hero DS

    The Drums on the screen don't match up with the charting at all! Plus, don't you hate how you have to use green for a kick pedal?
    created by guitarhammy13
  • Band Hero DS awards

    Band Hero DS is one of the most amazing games I've ever played. Almost every instrument in your pocket! I got so into it that I actually bothered collecting the awards. Now I got 199 awards and I only need 1 more awar...
    created by rjbr2000
  • Wasted my money on Guitar Hero 5 Mobile

    I've been waiting to download a Guitar Hero game for my phone for a while now and after looking at some reviews for Guitar Hero 5 mobile I downloaded it from my online mobile store and what can I say I completely wast...
    created by zachy7777
  • DSi in Roadie Battle

    I have a question can I use DSi in Rodie Battle because some friends ask me that. They have DSi not DS it's compatible ?
    created by vallan
  • I hope a GH for PSP

    I hope someday Neversoft have mercy on the PSP because I like to see a GH for PSP. I hope my wishes are fulfilled.
    created by vallan
  • Next Portable Guitar Hero Song Wishlist.

    Band Hero for the DS gave a full band experience geared towards a more mainstream audience. Next, I think Activision needs to create a portable full band game with a more "traditional" songlist.   So, without fu...
    created by flub
  • "Guitar Grip"

    Is the "Guitar Grip" for GH:OT, Band Hero etc. sold separately?
    created by iGlitch2187