• GH Mobile Application

    It would be alot easier to make Guitar Hero Mobile available as an Application in the Apple App Store. Don't you agree?       SIGN THE PETITION.
    created by Zepworth
  • Should Band Hero DS be called Band Hero: On Tour(?_?)

    im should in my view as it the portable version and ur less likey to get confused  
    created by TheDarkPrince
  • a little confusion with GH On Tour Decades (DS)

    I recently won the Guitar Hero On Tour Decades game bundle and have been enjoying it but I'm a little confused. The box, and this site, says there are 28+ songs available but I'm only able to access 4. Do I have to ge...
    created by c.bannon
  • Guitar hero Tap on DS (Not On Tour)

    I know they made On tour for the DS, but the touch is only used for Strumming and others, but not Fretting as I say. You guys should make a Guitar Hero Tap on the DS and DSI. This is where you tap on the corresponding...
    created by AutomaticIdiot

    BAND HERO DS 1.)Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend" 3:36 2.)Black Eyed Peas - "Let's Get It Started" 3:37 3.)Blink 182 - "First Date" 2:52 4.)Boys Like Girls - "The Great Escape" 3:41 5.)Duran Duran - "Hungry Like The W...
    created by greenalien
  • Does Embarrassment stop you from playing in public

    do you get embarrassed when palying in public i dont (cuz i dnt act like the dude in th ads) is so why do u 
    created by TheDarkPrince
  • Taking the Best of..

    It would be a neat idea for a spin-off, imo, to take the best tracks from the DS GH games and make a console game.  There are plenty of songs I've seen on the portable games that I wish were on the console games....
    created by Awesomazing
  • Guitar Hero PSP

    Guitar Hero PSP.....is it happening or not Activision?   http://www.joystiq.com/2009/06/01/guita ... ed-on-psp/   http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/ ... id=6210427
    created by eadgbe
  • DS Drums

    Ok ive seen the drums for Band Hero DS version and i was wondering............how do you hit the little pads? Do they give you some little drum sticks (<----awesome idea) or do you tap it with your fingers?
    created by Tanner666
  • Idea for GH on DSi

    When, or if, you guys ever make a DSi version of GH, there are a few things you should have.   WiFi Capabilities           Stat Tracking; I know I'd like to compare my scores ...
    created by andami
  • Are portable GH easy?

    When i first sore the DS GH i though it was made by some GH fanboy because of only having 4 frets. But made me wonder, are the DS games any easier than the normal 5 frets guitar controller?
    created by AngryGamer
  • Wifi priority for future Ds games

    Anwser the poll with how important you think using wifi on the future Ds games is.
    created by wgwolf
  • bad reviews

    all of the gh portable games get horrible reviews because the people reviewing it are bad at the game lol
    created by DarrensanchSH
  • Best Portable game

    What is the best gh:p?   guitar hero: on tour guitar hero: on tour decades guitar hero: on tour modern hits band hero rock band: unplugged lego rock band
    created by Fantastiquea
  • A Thread for GHP

    Let's give GH:P a rousing round of applause!   *crickets*
    created by Jinzo