• Why cant I see ther other person's highway in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock?

    When I play online quickplay+, I cant see the other person's highway. I just see their name at the top left of the screen.
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  • GHWT recording issue PC

    Hello. I have a big problem. When i try record sth in ghwt i only recording black screen. I've tried other aplication like ShadowPlay from Nvidia, OPS... This problem is also in GH3. Please, help.
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  • GH3 XBox 360

    need people to go against. I have 3, world tour, warriors of rock, 5, band hero, rock band 2. gamertag is xxahovahaxx
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  • Anyone still play Guitarhero World tour?

    Im not sure if there is already a topic like this for World tour but please post if you do still play it. I feel as if im the only one who plays it still. 
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  • Jordan obviously most difficult song in history

    So I don't even play guitar hero frequently, nor any other video game, but I used to be a mid-high tier expert player when I was 14-15 (about 5 years ago), and I decided to purchase GH2, GH3 and GH: 80's for nostalgia...
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  • Downloaded content is broken

    All my downloaded content for Guitar hero world tour somehow got messed up and every time one of those songs was selected in any Guitar hero game it would make the game crash, so I had to delete it all. No problem, I ...
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  • DLC for Guitar Hero 3 on Wii

    I was checking out the list of available songs on the website.  There are several songs such as "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse and "'Slither" by Velvet Revolver which indicate they are playable on GH3 and are avail...
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  • gh5 on wii

    hey hey hey i'm looking for somebody to play gh5 with, i play bass on expert. I do play guitar on expert but i cannot play any of the steroid songs like anything that has "megadeth" under it you might as well pass i...
    created by yekitrina
  • GH:WT PS3 dongle with Les Paul?

    I've got a PS3 Les Paul but no dongle, and I've been trying to find another one online (they're so expensive!)  I've found pointy dongles like this http://i.imgur.com/YlOwvPE.png that they claim work with GH3+Wor...
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  • looking for people to start band (xbox 360 only)

    Hello everyone ilm looking for a band or a group of people that play ghwt or gh 5. it doesnt matter what difficulty you play on but preferably expert please, I mostly play expert bass cant do guitar because i messed o...
    created by Logan22REDWINGS
  • Someone who wants to start a team in XBOX 360

    I need a Team or joining to one. Can someone help me?
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  • I am look for people to play Guitar Hero World Tour with on Wii

    I am looking for people to play Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii and form a band too let me know my friend code is 468607537657
    created by ShadowEllis
  • Next gen Guitar Hero ideas

    I have some good ideas for the next Guitar Hero because i know it will come back. A new difficulty for the guitar i call Legend(or Expert+) witch harder than expert. In this difficulty we have a new note for the ...
    created by Axosis
  • My Wii Dosent Play 2 Wiis

    Game GH3 Dosent Had A Problem
  • GH III Controller Problem

    Hey guys so I just bought the other day a RedOctane Wireless Kramer Striker controller for my PS2 so I could play GH wirelessly. I thought this was gonna be freaking awesome but I get home and the guitar and receiver ...
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  • Guitar Hero III - boss battle pack downloading issues?

    I've tried downloading the boss battle pack because I want to be able to practice Lou's battle on expert. I went to the PSN store, I downloaded it and go to play GH3, go on quickplay and go to the 'downloaded' setlist...
    created by charlottesophie
  • GH3 Expert

    Hello, i barely join the community and looking for awesome expert players on gh3 i play expert guitar and bass 5 star any song dlc: dragonforce track pack, guitar virtuoso track pack comment GT if interested ...
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  • World Tour Achievements on Xbox

    Looking for a 2 v 2 pro face off and a band face off msg me GT: DjNickE Ko3hl3r
    created by Koehler66
  • Does anyone still Gh3 ?

    I recently noticed that the forums have no sub-forum for Gh3 and would like to know if any one still plays it besides me. 545701324942 is my friend code.
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  • Will the GHTunes for WT ever be back up?

    I was just wondering if the servers will ever be back up for GHtunes for World Tour, as I do not have achievements for GH:Tunes and don't want to ruin the possible 100% Completion of the GH series for achievements. If...
    created by TheChizzy