• GH3 Expert

    Hello, i barely join the community and looking for awesome expert players on gh3 i play expert guitar and bass 5 star any song dlc: dragonforce track pack, guitar virtuoso track pack comment GT if interested ...
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  • World Tour Achievements on Xbox

    Looking for a 2 v 2 pro face off and a band face off msg me GT: DjNickE Ko3hl3r
    created by Koehler66
  • Does anyone still Gh3 ?

    I recently noticed that the forums have no sub-forum for Gh3 and would like to know if any one still plays it besides me. 545701324942 is my friend code.
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  • Will the GHTunes for WT ever be back up?

    I was just wondering if the servers will ever be back up for GHtunes for World Tour, as I do not have achievements for GH:Tunes and don't want to ruin the possible 100% Completion of the GH series for achievements. If...
    created by TheChizzy
  • downloading custom songs

    I just got an xbox 360 and want to possibly download some custom songs I see being played and posted on youtube. I only know how to download what is provided by the xbox live downloads for each game but I dont even kn...
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  • Is The GH World Tour Guitar/Drums Compatable With GH WOR?

    Im trying to find a good combination of guitar and drums to get. I didnt like the Band Hero drums so Im considering getting the World Tour drums if they will work with Warriors Of Rock.
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  • Anyone wanna play world tour on Wii?

    I have no one to play with and i am bored as hell playing by myself
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  • Guitar Hero 4 on PC (technical issue)

    I just got this real cheap off ebay the other day. I have a problem though where the lyrics and pitch guides don't show up when doing the vocal tracks. The mic works and all and I can still play if I know the song by ...
    created by lozeldatkm
  • Anyone wanna start a band Guitar Hero World Tour

    I Can play bass on expert looking for a guitarist, drummer , vocals   add me on xbl   TaTx Bankai
    created by tatxbankai
  • Anyone have an extra ps3 unique id?(ghwt)

    Hey was wondering if anyone has an extra ps3 unique id that they are not going to use. I have bought 2 used copies but both ids were used. I was wondering if anyone had an extra before I order a new copy(hasnt been ne...
    created by aldo1
  • PLZ HELP !!!

    I want to ask you something about Guitar Hero World Tour (software only). I want to buy this game from online store and i need to know if this game pack have inside the manual with unique owner ID to import the track...
    created by kalparos
  • GH III

    Let's play gh 3 for the wii add me friend code: 2408 2185 6437
    created by slide
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  • How do I fix this glitch?

    well I just got gh3 and the les paul guitar for xbox 360. The guitar works great except theres a glitch that the guitar is causing or it has to do with my game. For some reason whenever star power is ready to be activ...
    created by cdgamer22
  • Wii console

    Respond to this post if you have the wii Thanks
    created by slide
  • Guitar hero world tour pc running on windows 7 64 bit

    I am going to buy this game and i don't know if it runs on windows 7 64 bit. Can anyone help me??
    created by npot
  • Through The Fire And Flames

    On Gh3, the highest percentage I got on through the fire and flames on expert was 85% What is your highest percentage on through the fire and flames on gh 3? thank you!
    created by slide
  • Help.

    According to this site I have 520+ online wins but still don't have the "Big ol pile of wins achievement" and I have over 400k in career earnings and still don't have the "Never gonna spend it all" achievement. What's...
    created by danielroylivall
  • Gh 6 Is Awesome!

    Wanna play gh 6 for wii anybody? huh?
    created by slide
  • This is the best version I have seen so far

    created by wc71