• OBVIOUSLY a new gamer

    We purchased Guitar Hero World Tour for the kids for Christmas.  I am not a gamer but I'm hooked on playing the drums.  The back of the game listed bunches of songs that we like but when we look for them the...
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  • Problem with validate email

    Hi, i have a problem with that, when i follow the link in my email, it sendme to the wrong page (http://profile.callofduty.com/error), what can i do?, thanks.
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  • Pomogite!!!

    Hello, help please. I have a problem with the game prototype 2, more precisely with its dlc (red net). I started it with the old save there were passed tests on red net serebro.Ya deleted that save and went all over a...
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  • Why isn't Romania on the list of countries?

    As I understand I can't make an account because i am from Romania, I also can't buy anything. The Unique Owner ID is invalid. I also can't contact the support team. At the same time this game is being sold in our sho...
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  • Guitar Hero X-Plorer in Windows 7 64bit

    Hello  I'm new here.... I bought Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock bundle with Guitar for PC. The thing is my Windows doesn't recognize the guitar, I have Windows Updated, and it searched drivers for the guitar and d...
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    I've been having trouble the last few nights trying to get songs from the SHOP for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. I have a PS3 btw. Also, when I try to enter my UOI it says it's invalid and/or tells me the music store ...
    created by Ihavenonamekid
  • Help - Guitar Not Responding

    Hello   When I select the guitar coloured buttons it recognises this within the game.  However when the song start and I press then buttons in time with the song it doesn't recognise them.  I have trie...
    created by tomo1901
  • Guitar Hero Guitar Receiver Dongle

    What guitar receiver dongle will work with my guitar???   I have the guitar that comes with band hero... But the guitar receiver is not working anymore.... Please I need help because I am afraid to buy the inco...
    created by royguillen
  • Metallica Song Import Problem

    I know that the import for Guitar Hero Metallica was only supposed to be free within the first week of the release of Warriors of Rock. I tried importing the songs just using the code from my manual, but it costed 480...
    created by JoshDeGregs
  • Registration error / bug

    Hello, I ve being trying for quite a while to register, but the website just wouldnt work.  Then i ve use the facebook to register (which didnt work) but i could register in the normal way... weird.   N...
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  • why wont ghwt work on windows 7 64bit?

    i have purchased guitar hero world tour as i love the game i install it on my pc with more than sufficiant hardware to play the game with and all i get is an windows error saying guitar hero world tour has stopped wor...
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  • No lyrics in GHWT [PC]

    Hi, i have USB vintage mic, drums (rb1) and guitar, but when i start playing vocal, i don't see lyrics, and i have some graphics bugs. Can somebody help? i have Acer aspire 5750G, video card - NVIDIA GT 630M
    created by RoCKeR777
  • GHWT/GH3  can't go online on Wii

    Hi, i buy GHWT and have GH3 about 1 year. i started GH3 and try to connect to servers, but i can't, the same thing with GHWT. in GHWoR i can connect to servers.
    created by RoCKeR777
  • Can't link anything to profile

    Is it just me, or it not possible to link anything on my profile? I'm trying to link my Xbox live account and Facebook, and nothing happens at all when I click the button... my pop-up blocker is disabled, and it's not...
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  • Can someone help me

    Right my account crashed on black ops 2 when I come back on my account had been hacked they changed my guns lost my gold camos and lot how do I get it back?
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  • Are wireless USB dongles interchangeable?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering, are the USB wireless dongles/receivers interchangeable for the GH guitars? More specifically, the Les Paul I got with GH3? My dog chewed up the receiver when she was just a pup, and I'm...
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  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi    its been quite a while since i have used the guitar hero website but now im here im awful confused    .......last time i came here i could do lots of things(like check leaderboards,...
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  • Reset password link not working

    Two friends of mine wanted to log in into the Guitar Hero Community but had forgotten their password. They used the "forgot password" option and recieved an email with a link. Unfortunately this link is broken so they...
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  • What is going on whit my guit!?!

    Hi there, thanks for reading this. I have a problem with the Stratocaster wireless guitar, its kind a weird and i dont know if anybody could help me with it. When I try to connect my guit it wont work, the reicever is...
    created by Mezmeryze
  • Groupies

    Will groupies be making a come back and will they be carried over from the previous encarnation of the GH Hub or will we have to start from ZERO?
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