• Guitar Hero Store Offline Early! (admin please read!)

    My understanding from all of the announcements was that the store would be closing at midnight the night of March 31--at the very end of the month. I have been gone on vacation and unable to access the store sooner. I...
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  • How Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS,  seems our DSI doesn' have a slot for the Guitar Grip, do we have the wrong DS?

    Seems we can't use the Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS, on our Nintendo DSI doesn't have a slot for the Guitar Grip, what DS system is it for?
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  • Let me buy DLC!

    I bought all the guitar hero games and have been playing them since they've come out. I went to purchase downloadable content on Guitar Hero 5 today with my owner ID on all the discs only to rudely find you guys just ...
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  • No mike gameplay!!

    Is there anyway to play any of the guitar heroes, besides the legends of rock, just with the joysticks, like we used to play in ps2???
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  • New Guitar Hero!!

    I want to know when they plan to make a New guitar Hero Game??
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  • Guitar Hero 3 Trophie update...

    I was playing GH3 and noticed no trophies in ps3, is there gonna be an update someday??? (so sad)
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  • Guitar hero 3

    Why would 2 games do the same thing, when I start the game it will just start lighting up ones I don't push
    created by maddmike67
  • Guitar Hero SD Card doesn't work with new Wii

    So the Wii I was using and had downloaded several Guitar Hero songs to (SD Card) finally failed. So got a new Wii and when I try to use the SD Card that all my downloaded Guitar Hero songs are on it says the SD Card i...
    created by oregonborn68
  • My Guitar and Drum for Band Hero Beatles doesn't work with Guitar Hero: Metallica

    Hello everybody, help with this situation.   I bought Band Hero: Beatles, and the guitar and drums are different from normal guitars of Guitar Hero, as they have no where to put the Wii controller, they are batt...
    created by 885555
  • Trying to share results in Facebook or Twitter but it always says "The Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock server is not available at this time. Please try again later"...

    I play GH WoR in Wii...I always try to share results of a song in the GH WoR in Facebook Or Twitter but the server of Guitar Hero doesn't work and i can't share anything since a long time ago... Is there a solution fo...
    created by kev6236
  • WFC not working!

    When I try to make a new profile name on Guitar Hero 3, it always says "Server is unavailable, try again." WTF. >.< Any help?
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  • Trouble connecting guitar hero world tour and aerosmith to nintendo wfc, Please help!

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  • Seems like...Problems with Site.

    Seems like when I try to connect my facebook to this thing it just refreshes the page and I can't even send in a report for help or contact activision...Like I just get a run around lawl. Smash hits wont connect and I...
  • Email validation issues! URL received its invalid, received http://null/guitarhero!!

    How do I can verify my account if the domain its NULL!   https://null/guitarhero/validateEmail?email=xxxxxxx&token=xxxxx   This its very disapointing, how a company like activision would have this kind...
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