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Our fearless studio president just made an official annoucement about the gameplay in the upcoming game we are crafting for him. We wonder if the nature of this news has something to do with the date, but knowing Deadpool anything can happen.


Full blog post and gameplay video from Deadpool on his blog site.



Studio President, Chief Creative Officer, and all around mutant killing machine Deadpool recently won the Internet with his new trailer for his upcoming 2013 video game. Join your fellow gamers by watching the video below and hopelessly throwing cash at the screen. You can also heap praise at Deadpool with your thoughtful Youtube comments.


For those of you eager to hear a launch date or discuss the addition of other skus, Deadpool is feverishly working with duct tape to get you new details soon...ish.


You are the biggest Transformers fan on the planet and you loved every minute of both War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron, well this book is clearly for you. You'll recall our friends at IDW who produced a fantastic art book based on both of our Cybertron games, not to mention a digital comic series. IDW has out done themselves here with this collector's version of the same Fall of Cybertron artbook.


Everything about this book screams collector's item from the handbuilt case to the special ink. You will want to own this book forever. You can check out more photos and details on the IDW website. If you want to get one you best act fast as they have limited the quanity to 250 hand numbered copies.



Last December resident merc with a mouth, Deadpool, along with our benevolent studio president, gave fans the opportunity to win a guest appearance in his upcoming video game. Deadpool teamed up with Gamestop and Spike TV to reveal the winning code live during the 2012 Spike TV Video Game Awards. The lucky winner turned out to be Bill Salina from Georgia, who fearlessly turned down the cash prize alternative for a chance to get blown up by Deadpool. That is, blown up in-game, not in real life, which is an important legal clarification when it comes to Deadpool.



Photo: Our prize winner with Deadpool Game Director Sean Miller


So lucky Bill got rushed into the next most reasonably priced cramped economy flight to San Diego, most expense paid (Deadpool hates airline peanuts), to visit Deadpool’s talented minions at High Moon Studios. Being loyal minions, our team set to work creating an in-game likeness of Bill. And we think we captured Bill’s likeness pretty well. So well, in fact, we’re confident that if he were ever turned into a mutant clone lightning hurler with a comically large head, he’d look exactly like our depiction.



Photo: Team lunch at where else? A taco joint!


The studio rolled out the red carpet for Bill’s visit, treating him to a full studio tour and piles of food from Deadpool’s favorite Mexican restaurant. Bill already had some advanced knowledge of game development from earlier in his career, so we set up some one-on-one sessions with several of the project leads so they could get all technical about our work. We even convinced our katana and gun wielding El Presidente to allow Bill the honor of being one of the first people to actually play Deadpool’s game.



Photo: A team shot with our proud in game winner - centered


Jealous much?  You can look forward to seeing Bill’s likeness in Deadpool’s video game later this year.

Transformers title, High Moon Wins Award for Technical Innovation in Artifical Intelligence


Most gamers may not be aware of AIGameDev.com, but the people who make games certainly are. AIGameDev is an industry leading site for game development technology, with content from accomplished game developers. In short they know good games when they see them. So winning an award from the site is a mark of pride here at High Moon.


AIGameDev.com voters awarded Transformers: Fall of Cybertron for best "Technical Innovation in Game AI 2012". The award article which you can read here, calls out FoC's innovative hierarchical task network planner (HTN). You can learn more about HTN's here. Thank you to the voters on AIGameDev.com for recognizing our studio's work.


What about you?


What do you think of FoC's game AI? Let us know by commenting below.




...and Everyone Else Keeps Listening!


The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool has been busy showing game journalist worldwide previews of his upcoming video game. Deadpool recently made a press stop in the UK to showcase his deadly sword and gun play action. The good people at CVG UK enjoyed Deadpool's style so much that they took to writing their sizzling preview in Deadpool's own voice. You can get their 1st person perspective and check out new screenshots from Deadpool's game on the CVG site.


In related news, did you enjoy Deadpool's debut trailer from last year's San Diego Comic Con? Well apparently millions of you did! So many in fact that we made it into the top 6 of all videos on IGN.com for 2012. Holy Burrioto! You can see a recap of the top 10 videos on IGN.com.



Fall of Cybertron players can now accelerate their multiplayer experience, indefinitely. The XP rate has been set to 2X. This is the perfect opportunity for new players to join the elite ranks or for experienced players to level up new classes.



High Moon Studios President and Chief Mercenary Officer (yes that' an official title), Deadpool has done an exclusive in depth preview with Official XBox Magazine. Now on newsstands the February issue of OXM has pages full of new details on Deadpool's upcoming 2013 video game. In addition to all the action packed gameplay details you'd expect from Deadpool, the article also reveals two new game characters who will be joining Deadpool in his game.


Head to your local newsstand for a copy of OXM today (pictured below). You can also find additional Deadpool game news coverage on Polygon.com here



Deadpool Holiday Greetings!

Posted by HMS_Greg Dec 21, 2012

President of High Moon Studios and merc with a mouth, Deadpool has prepared a specail holiday video card for all our fans. Marvel's baddest anti-hero is eagerly preparing for the launch of his epic video game in 2013. Happy holidays from Deadpool and all of us at High Moon Studios!




High Moon Studios was recently honored to receive 2 nominations in the 2012 Machinima Inside Gaming Awards. The editors at Machinima nominated High Moon for our work on our latest hit Transformers: Fall of Cybertron in the categories of best animation and best trailer. Its exciting recognition for our work to share the stage with the biggest names in gaming.


You can learn more about the awards on the show website.


Our outstanding animation team brought the Transformers to life like never before. Featuring the largest roster of Transformers ever seen in a game, Fall of Cyberton represents years of dedicated excellence from our talented animation team. Next time you watch Grimlock's stunning transformation take a moment to admire the team's work at its best.


Fall of Cybertron was also nominated for best trailer with the VGA Annoucement Trailer. A joint project between High Moon and Digital Domain our reveal trailer at the 2011 VGA Awards was one of the most watch game trailers of the past year.


High Moon Studios asks you to join us in giving a round of applause to our talented sound team for winning "Best Sound Design" in XPlay's Best of 2012 Awards. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron won the award, edging out such prestigous competitors as Diablo III and Call of Duty. That's amazing company to share the stage with.


Check out the award video on G4's website.

Deadpool teams up with Spike TV and Gamestop for a once in a lifetime prize at the VGAs!


High Moon Studios's President, the merc with a mouth, the one and only Deadpool is peeing in his pants to announce a new promotion for his upcoming game - Deadpool! Deadpool has magnanimously decided that one of his legions of fans should have the opportunity to join him by making an appearance in Deadpool, the video game.


Spike TV and Gamestop are holding a watch and win sweepstakes for the Video Game Awards on Spike, airing December 8th. A guest appearance in Deadpool is one of the featured prizes. The winner will win a trip to High Moon Studios in San Diego, where Deadpool's team of talented minions will work their magic to make one lucky fan an in game character in Deadpool's game.


Gamers wishing to share the stage with the Regenerating Degenerate can get full contest details and follow the VGAs on the official contest website gamestop-vga10.com .



High Moon Studios is honored that Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has been nominated for "Best Adapted Video Game" in the 2012 VGA's presnted by Spike TV. This great nomination is more recogntition for the most critically acclaimed Transformers game of all time and one of the best licenced games in 2012. You can show your support by voting for Fall of Cybertron on the VGA website.


Double XP Weekend


To celebrate our VGA nomination we're holding a DOUBLE XP weekend in Fall of Cybertron multiplayer, starting at 4PM PST today. This is the perfect opporunity to get all of your characters up to PRIME status!



Loyal fans and gamers, the High Moon team is working hard with our new boss Deadpool, to bring his patented 4th wall breaking insanity to gamers in 2013. We are still of course keeping a close eye on Transformers multiplayer, checking kill stats and reading feedback emails. We know many of our most ardent followers have a number of questions and we'll do our best to respond to you when we can. We've kicked things off by responding to a few questions we've received:


Will you be doing further balance changes?


Yes! In fact we just launched a small balance patch today that addresses issues with the Gear-Shedder and Photon Burst Rifle guns. These changes are in direct response to your feedback.


Can you add more colors and characters?


Unfortunatly not. Each color, new character, or really anything that gets added puts demands on what the game can support technically. At this point with the largest roster of Tranformer characters ever and dozens of colors we have reached the limit. Sorry Sludge fans!


Will you be adding any DLC maps?


A number of our fans have expressed an interst in buying DLC maps, however we feel this will have a negative impact a player's ability to quickly find a full match. This is a major learning we made from War For Cybertron. The addition of paid DLC maps splits the player community between those with the maps and those without.


We are open to responding to more questions. Simply email us at feedback@transformersgame.com or comment on this post. We will respond in a later blog posting. Thank you as always for your support.

High Moon is delighted to have collaborated with IDW to bring your coffee table one epic art book this holiday season. The Art of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron brings you all of the amazing art work created for both War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron in one great book. To create the world of Cybertron like never before, the talented team of artist at High Moon created a wide range of art work depecting the planet's inner workings and enviroments, much of which has never been seen publically. Packed with creative insights and details straight from High Moon, the official art book will give you a director's level understanding of the effort needed to create these epic games.


The Art of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron releases on December 11th from IDW. Order the book today on Amazon.com.